New Release! Back to the Club: A Swingers Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Back to the Club: A Swingers Story.

Check out the summary:


Four is better than two.

Bianca and Chris have been married for years with mixed results on keeping their intimacy alive. Their one spike in recent memory was going to a swingers club. They didn’t do much that visit, but it was enough to spark their curiosity, especially Bianca’s.

A year later, Bianca wants to go back, but she has to convince her husband, who prefers quiet nights at home. She pulls it off with the help of some flirting, but what Chris doesn’t realize is that Bianca intends to do far more than last time.

She wants to experience another couple.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Back to the Club: A Swingers Story



Once her chores were done, Bianca allowed herself five minutes of peace. She rarely lounged on the couch like this other than to catch snippets of her favorite show. There just wasn’t time these days.

  But that evening, she sat on the comfortable couch, watching television and sipping a glass of wine. She just wanted a few minutes without being Mom. A few minutes not being Mrs. North, not being a teacher in a room of complaining parents. For now, she was simply Bianca. A woman with nothing else to do but sip wine and watch a classic movie.

  Like all good things, this one came to an end much sooner than she’d like. The door from the garage opened and Chris’s heavy work boots stomped across the tile. “B? Are you upstairs?”

  “No,” she called, not taking her eyes from the screen. “B’s out. Would you like me to take a message?”

  “Very funny,” her husband said, and he entered with an unopened beer in hand. “What’s this?”

  She looked at his raised eyebrow, then at the beer. “They were out of the ones you like at the store. I thought you’d be okay with that brand. The guy at the counter said he likes it. I asked him.”

  “It’s not the same.”

  “Try it. You might like it. You’ll never know unless you try.”

  He cracked open the can and white froth bubbled out the top. He sipped the drink, looked at the can again, then sipped a second time. “Huh. It’s not bad.”

  “What did I tell you?” A thought struck her. It was a good time to try the subject again; one she’d been too nervous to talk about with him since the first time she’d brought it up.

  She patted the faded sofa cushion. “Come here and sit with me.” She turned down the volume on the television before he got distracted. “How was work?”

  “It was okay. Couple of the guys are being laid off next week. Felt pretty bad about it, to be honest. With me getting a raise and all.”

  She placed a hand on his knee. “Your boss gave you the raise because he knows you’ve earned it. You’ve been there longer than most of them. These new guys just don’t cut it the way you do. Don’t feel bad.”

  For a softy like Chris, confidence wasn’t something that came naturally. He was tall and stocky, a strong protector, and fierce defender of his family, but that’s when it had to do with others. She knew that. She’d known it since the day she met him. And now, as a father and provider for the household, he was a man she was fiercely proud of.

  One thing he’d always struggled with was imagination, though. That was to say, he simply didn’t have one. While Bianca, short and fiery, took after her Italian mother with her passionate disposition and energy, Chris was steady, stable, and consistent.

  He’d do anything to please his wife, though, and while she didn’t like to exploit this feature too often, a thought had been playing on her mind for a while, and this might be as good of an opportunity as any.



  “Look at me.”

  He tore his eyes away from the screen and smiled at his wife, his fair hair floppily falling in front of his eyes. He needed it cut, but it wasn’t the time to mention it.

  “Remember how you took me to that club last year for my birthday?”

(end of sample)







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