Too Hot For Amazon


This page is for the books that have been rejected by retailers like Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Thalia, etc., due to edgy content. In other words, too hot for Amazon.

But here, you can still find my edgy books. I utilize Smashwords because they are very erotica friendly. Smashwords provides all your desired eBook formats, such as Mobi (Kindle), ePub, pdf, and online reader.

Take a look below and enjoy!


Ravished By the Boss

Sarah doesn’t believe in anything but the here and now. Superstition and the paranormal means nothing to her, which is why she finds it strange that ever since her boss stared wearing a particular tie clip holding a reflective stone, she couldn’t help but wonder how to make his life more pleasurable.

With so many people to manage, the dashing Mr. Kane had little reason to talk to his secretary, until her beauty turns his head at the office. He considers it a perfect opportunity to show her something she never saw before and soon notices how particularly susceptible she is to his influence.

Indulge in this steamy read about a powerful boss and a naïve secretary, and discover what it is about him that makes her want to obey his every need.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Features: Mind control, Boss/employee sex, Office romps, M/F sex