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Casting Couch: A Cheating Story

It takes a lot to make it in the adult film industry. More than she realizes.

Cheryl needs a solution…badly. Her and her husband are behind on bills, anything from credit cards to their mortgage. He takes a second job to help chip away at the payments, but it’s not enough. She works as a secretary for a real estate company, but that’s not enough either.

The thought of working retail as a second job gives her hives. She worked as a cashier in the mall for years to get herself through college and she refuses to go back, even if she has to consider the unthinkable.

A month before she left college, she met a guy at a party. He made clips for the adult film industry and offered her a gig. Of course she refused, but something about it stuck in her mind. Probably the money part.

But now that she’s happily married, everything has changed, but the bills keep piling up. She might have to decide between financial security and losing her inhibitions. 

If you enjoy steamy stories about cheating wives and getting caught up in the moment, you’ll love Casting Couch.


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On Duty: A Lesbian Story

Sadie has a thing for cops. That much is clear to her as she stands against the wall at the 95th Precinct annual awards banquet. On stage, her friend Rick is receiving a special commendation for his work on a high-profile murder case. She rests her head back against the wall and closes her eyes, daydreaming about all the uniforms and beautiful people in them. Men. Women. She doesn’t care.

Soon, Leah finds her and coaxes a conversation out of her. Leah is every man’s dream. Plump, full lips, a head of long, luscious, honey-blonde hair, and mesmerizing blue eyes that seem to harbor secrets. Leah’s normally tousled look is tempered with the clean-cut dress blues of the police force.

She’s also Sadie’s dream.

If you enjoy lesbian stories with a police officer theme, you’ll love On Duty.


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Feeling Brave: A Swingers Story

Another woman’s husband is forbidden fruit.

Emma’s husband Dennis is a little too passive sometimes. He’s often asking her what he should buy at the store or what she’d like to do. She often wishes he’d take the lead and show her who’s in charge.

If only he could be more like Eli, a muscular man with definition in all the right places. The only problem is he’s married to Tammy, a petite woman who looks small in his arms. That, and Eli is Dennis’s old college friend. Fantasizing over her husband’s old friend is forbidden…right?

But when Eli invites Dennis and Emma to their cabin in the woods, it opens up a door of opportunity that Emma never sees coming. It allows them the chance to get to know Eli–and Tammy–a whole lot better.

If you enjoy flirty, swinging couples exploring each other for the first time, you’ll love Feeling Brave.


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The Party Upstairs: A Cougar Story

An invitation to a party hosted by Celine Greaves isn’t something to turn down. Thankfully, Celine’s son is in attendance.

Donna just wants the party to be over. Sure, the free champagne is nice, but she’d rather be at home reading a book with a glass of wine. She excuses herself to explore the house–that would cure twenty minutes of boredom at least. 

When she arrives in an upstairs bedroom, a man follows her inside. At first, she doesn’t recognize him, but it turns out to be Caden, Celine’s son, back from college with a fresh set of toned muscles and a shadow of stubble across his face. 

Since Caden doesn’t want to revisit the party either, they both figure out ways to curb their boredom together, creating their own party upstairs.

If you enjoy stories of experienced cougars and eager, college-aged guys, this is the story for you.


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Tender Touch: 5 Lesbian Erotica Stories

If you enjoy stories about lesbian professors, brides, roommates, movie directors, and toy testers, you’ve come to the right place.

Enjoy 21,000 words of lesbian erotica stories intended to turn up the heat. You get 2 FREE stories. 5 for the price of 3.


Included in this bundle:

  • Leah’s Favorite
  • Backstage Action
  • Moving In
  • Enjoying the Bride
  • See Me After Class


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Ready For Market: A Robot Erotica Story

The perfect man to keep her company: a man she builds.

It’s no surprise that the robot market is booming, and her company is in a race to develop the perfect male specimen. As one of the many scientists on the project, Amy realizes how historic her work is. Soon, people won’t be able to tell the difference between humans and robots at all.

She decides to bring the prototype robot home to…test out its abilities, but she’s interrupted by her coworkers who discover where the robot is. Amy has to think up a way to get them out of her house so she can get back to focusing on her newfound cravings. She’s running out of time–the robot needs returning, but she can’t until she satisfies every bit of her curiosity.

If you enjoy stories of steamy science fiction and obedient robots, then you’ll love Ready For Market.


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Watch and Learn: A Lesbian Story

She learns from the best on how to be a lesbian.

When Rhia and Ashleigh go dresser shopping at a yard sale, they find the perfect piece. It’s a gaudy thing, but then, that’s to be expected when its original owner is a filmmaker.

Once they have it inside, Rhia is putting away clothes when she notices a mysterious knob inside a drawer. When she opens it, she finds a stash of lesbian independent films. The filmmaker usually makes sitcom TV shows, but apparently he has wide tastes. They assume he made them years ago, but that doesn’t stop Rhia and Ashleigh from popping one in.

It’s strange at first, but as they watch it together, they come up with the idea of playing out what they see in the movie, and this leads to a climax ending of their own.

If you enjoy first time lesbian experiences, then you’ll love Watch and Learn.


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Endless Desires: 10 Erotica Short Stories

This tantalizing collection of erotica short stories has what you seek. Settle in with tales of swingers, sororities, lesbians, interracial, robots, BBW, cougars, menages, public play, and more. 

You receive 5 FREE erotica stories in this bundle. 10 for the price of 5! Enjoy every page of Endless Desires tonight.

Word count: 41,405


Included in this bundle:

  • Backstage Action: A Lesbian Story
  • Out of Sight: A Public Play Story
  • A Drink of Champagne: An Interracial Story
  • Almost Human: A Robot Erotica Story
  • A Little Something Extra: A BBW Story
  • Quite the Catch: A Cougar Story
  • Leah’s Favorite: A Lesbian Story
  • Shared Secrets: A Swingers Story
  • Role to Play: A Menage Story
  • Taught a Lesson: A Sorority Story


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Friendly Competition: A Swingers Story

Carol never backs down from a competition, not even in the bedroom.

She’s been married to Mason for a long time, which is why it comes as a shock to bump into one of his old flames. Trish and Mason dated before Trish married Nate, who coincidentally also dated Carol back in the day. They unknowingly swapped partners, all before marriage.

While sharing stories, Carol discovers just how…adventurous Trish and Mason were, which kindles Carol’s fire to be the one on top. Not one to be outdone, she shares stories of her and Nate. One thing leads to another, and soon they’re demonstrating, rather than telling, just how good they are with the other woman’s husband.

If you enjoy reading about curious, married, swinging couples, you’ll love this story. 


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Heated Touch: 50 Erotica Short Stories

This tantalizing collection of erotica short stories has what you seek. Dig in with tales of cougars, college coeds, brides, swingers, erotic massages, BDSM, lesbians, interracial, professors, robots, menages, sororities, public play, and more. 

You receive 35 FREE erotica stories in this bundle. 50 for the price of 15! Enjoy reading Heated Touch tonight.

Word count: 219,000


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Tension Relief: An Erotic Massage Story

Jen always aims to please.

Working as a massage therapist, every day has its ups and downs. Sometimes she swaps dares with her friend Roxy just to pass the time. The subject that often comes up in these dares is men.

Jen knows a dare is coming, which is why she doesn’t find it odd when she receives a call out of the blue from a deep voice asking for a mobile massage appointment in his hotel room attached to the spa she works in. She jumps in with both feet. She doesn’t want to be the one to lose, after all.

While she’s setting up the massage table in the client’s hotel room, she thinks he looks familiar, but it doesn’t come to her until after the appointment is over.


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Taught a Lesson: A Lesbian Story

Violet’s on a mission to find out who’s into women.

She joined the sorority Sigma Delta only because her mom was in it when she was in college, which has turned into a tradition Violet can’t escape. Not that she minds being around a group of beautiful college students, especially considering the “experimentation” she and her female friend did growing up.

A mystery develops as she comes to find out that one of the women has been sending dirty pictures to a female user in a chatroom online. Someone else is into women in the sorority house, and Violet is determined to find out who.

She hatches a plan to find out, and it turns out to be a more pleasurable process than she imagined.


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All Night Long: 25 Erotica Short Stories

Receive 15 FREE erotica short stories with this bundle that’s all about keeping you up late tonight.

Settle in with tales of brides, swingers, erotic massages, lesbians, sororities, dommes, professors, robots, cougars, firefighters, menages, celebrities, public play, and more. 

Word count: 103,000


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Role to Play: A Menage Story

It’s time to admit her fantasy.

Being the wife of a police officer, Rose’s life is rarely dull. Her husband, Danny, is an attractive man, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Sometimes, there needs to be more.

Danny’s best friend Ellis is the entire package. He’s also a police officer, but with that extra gruff. He’s like Danny but rougher around the edges with just the right amount of stubble gracing his cheeks. 

One night, Danny finally gets Rose’s fantasy out of her, and it involves Ellis. Finding it more agreeable than she ever would’ve guessed, Danny volunteers to arrange everything. It’s then she adds a twist–outdoors, in public, and with a role to play.

She can hardly wait.


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Shared Secrets: A Swingers Story

Gloria is a magnificent woman.

Sexy, clever, and sophisticated–just the kind of woman Tanya always wanted to be. Tanya’s heart races when she enters the recording studio for their interview.

If Tanya is being honest, she’d say that when she first became a music journalist, she hoped she’d be able to one day interview Gloria. The woman oozes confidence and her music is on another level. Of course, Tanya doesn’t realize where that interview will eventually lead.

After the interview, Gloria hints about a private club where Tanya could explore her more exotic fantasies. At first, Tanya doesn’t give it any thought, but as time passes, she becomes more and more curious.


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Leah’s Favorite: A Lesbian Story

When you find something you like, why not share it?

Leah reviews adult toys for a living. She didn’t always image herself getting into it, but life has a way of going in unusual directions. Nevertheless, she finds herself reviewing yet another lubricant, but what she really can’t wait for is a special vibrator that will arrive any day now.

When it finally does arrive, it comes with an unexpected delight, a female delivery driver with a splash of adorable freckles across her nose. Leah invites her in for iced tea…and eventually invites her to contribute a review, herself.

Needless to say, to review an adult toy requires that the driver check out Leah’s bedroom, and Leah’s more than willing to give her the grand tour.


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Quite the Catch: A Cougar Story

Shannon’s first day back to the gym is a little uncomfortable.

All those pretty girls in skimpy outfits make her feel invisible. It’s been a week since her divorce, and feeling like an old lady in baggy sweats doesn’t do much for her self-esteem. A handsome guy on the treadmill catches her eye. He’s younger than her usual, but athletic. And tall. Most importantly, he’s the opposite of her ex-husband.

She thinks about approaching him, but something holds her back. After all, what would a handsome, college-aged guy want with a woman in her early forties?

Apparently, quite a lot.


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A Little Something Extra: A BBW Story

What’s wrong with a little something extra?

Sophie doesn’t want to change who she is. Most people who have called her chubby meant it as an insult, but to Niall, it’s a compliment. 

Sophie visits a shoe store on her lunch break and ends up storming out because of some insensitive comments made by the employee. She returns to work and simply tries to get through the rest of her day.

Then Niall happens. They have worked together for years but never really connected much. But after he expresses concern and asks what happened, she finds herself telling him. 

She finds out that he’s more of a fan of large, beautiful women than she ever imagined.


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Almost Human: A Robot Erotica Story

Marnie has built the perfect man.

An impressive specimen, Marnie has created the first pleasure bot that is viable enough to hit the market. She names it Nick, after her favorite scientist, Nikola Tesla. 

To test out the newly created android, she takes him to a conference for genetic engineers. If he can mingle and fit in with the crowd, then he’ll have learned enough. The trip doesn’t last long, so Marnie will have to conduct some tests of her own. 

It would be irresponsible to allow a product to hit the market without thoroughly testing it first, or so she tells herself, which leads her down a scandalous path. Tonight, Nick will show Marnie everything he’s capable of.


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A Drink of Champagne: An Interracial Story

It’s not cheating if your husband knows.

Demi wants a man other than her husband, and that man is Mitchell Shaw. A friend of theirs for years, Mitchell can’t deny wanting Demi, but he hasn’t crossed that line. That is, until tonight. 

Mitchell dresses up in full attire for the event recognizing Demi’s husband, Richard, for his work in clinical research, wearing a black tux matching his dark, rich skin tone. After the event is over, Demi invites Mitchell up to her and Richard’s hotel room.

Demi orders Richard to sit in a chair on the far side of the bedroom, and because he’s been so good, he can watch. Once Mitchell arrives, Demi has both men in the palm of her hand.


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Seduced: 10 Erotica Short Stories

This exotic collection of erotica short stories has what you seek. Settle in with tales of brides, swingers, erotic massages, lesbians, robots, cougars, ménages, public play, and more. 

You receive 5 FREE erotica stories in this bundle. 10 for the price of 5! Enjoy every page of Seduced tonight.

Word count: 41,100.


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What the Boss Wants: A Swingers Story

Would you share your husband with your boss?

Anna has never heard of a swingers club before. That is, until her friend at work shares a pamphlet with her. The club promises an experience she will never forget, and Anna has no doubt about that.

When Anna returns to the pamphlet, it’s nowhere to be found. Her boss, Emily, found it, but instead of being upset, she’s curious about it. Somehow in the process of explaining, Anna accidentally invites Emily and her husband over to her house.

But it’s clear from the start that this isn’t an innocent visit. Emily is intensely curious about swinging, and she sees this as an opportunity to satisfy her cravings.


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Backstage Action: A Lesbian Story

Angie learns that it sometimes takes more than talent to make it in Hollywood.

Her first day on the set is both thrilling and nerve-wracking. After filming her first love scene with Justin, it leaves much to be desired. Roxanne, the take-charge director, is losing confidence in Angie’s ability to play the passionate lover.

During a break, Angie contemplates her situation. She doesn’t want her acting career to be over before it starts, so she hatches a plan. 

Seizing her chance when she finds herself alone with Roxanne, Angie decides to show the director just how passionate an actress she can be.


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Out of Sight: A Public Play Story

What does Malina have to do to add some spice back in her marriage?

Malina’s husband, Walker, cares about two things, football and boats. So when Malina models several skimpy outfits for him, she isn’t surprised when he barely pays attention. The game is on in the background, after all.

She decides she needs something drastic to light his fire again, so with a little advice from a friend, she initiates her plan to seduce him…in public. 

A boating sales store seems like the perfect place to lure him into. Once there, they ditch the salesperson and find an interior cabin to launch some boating fun of their own.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:


Eager to Learn: 5 College Erotica Stories

College is the time to experiment and have fun.

Go back to your college days with this wild and fun bundle all about university experiences. Enjoy these 5 stories about professors, college students, a lesbian sorority, and invisible superpowers.

You receive 2 FREE erotica stories in this bundle. 5 for the price of 3! Stay home and read Eager to Learn tonight.

Word count: 22,400


Here’s where you can find it:


In All the Right Places: An Erotic Massage Story

Melanie’s life seriously needed a makeover.

Even she would admit that in her college days, she wasn’t living up to her potential. Then she met Cassie, her new college roommate. Cassie was determined to give Melanie an image boost. College was certainly a lot more fun after that. Cassie even dared Melanie to flirt her way to a hot date.

Years later, Melanie isn’t where she wants to be in life. She’s a massage therapist in a boring small town. Cassie swoops in, taking a break from her glamorous life working throughout Europe, with only enough time to have lunch and dare Melanie to flirt her way to another date.

Melanie is too shy this time, so she books a massage appointment with the guy instead. Disappointed with herself, she decides to turn up the heat at the massage appointment. It’s about to be that guy’s lucky day.


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Back to the Club: A Swingers Story

Four is better than two.

Bianca and Chris have been married for years with mixed results on keeping their intimacy alive. Their one spike in recent memory was going to a swingers club. They didn’t do much that visit, but it was enough to spark their curiosity, especially Bianca’s.

A year later, Bianca wants to go back, but she has to convince her husband, who prefers quiet nights at home. She pulls it off with the help of some flirting, but what Chris doesn’t realize is that Bianca intends to do far more than last time.

She wants to experience another couple.


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Whiskey and Water: A Menage Story

Amber looks the part.

She has on a tight shirt that hugs her chest and a pair of shorts that shows off her legs. She even has her black hair in curls so it falls down her shoulders in soft waves that bounce when she walks. She’s the quintessential hot bartender. The only problem is, she hardly has anyone to serve. 

Carla changes all that when she comes in from the rain for a drink. Within minutes, the electricity cuts out, and the place goes pitch dark. With nothing else to do, they decide on a dare. If Amber can drink a whiskey shot without making a face, she wins. If she loses, she has to kiss Carla. 

It starts off with a playful dare and ends with Carla’s boyfriend, Jack, coming in to check on her. Considering what he walks into, it’s understandable that he’d want to join.


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On the Prowl: A Cougar Story

Patty has never tried being a cougar before, but tonight feels like a good time to start.

The only bad thing about having summers off is the boredom. She loves being a professor, but the months off can seem to go on forever. Her new housemate Rhonda, acquired after Patty’s divorce, provides some entertainment by bringing home male eye candy from her nights out at the club. Patty can’t help but feel a little jealous.

Patty could attract a younger man if she wants to. Just last semester, a college student named Kenny gave her his number, but he was too shy to follow it up with asking her out. If there’s anything Patty’s learned that summer, it’s that she can’t always wait on someone else to make the first move.

She calls Kenny and invites him over. It’s time for Patty to take what she wants.


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Becoming Emma: A Robot Erotica Story

The perfect woman. Isn’t that what every man wants?

Alan’s been on one date after another, and none of them have worked out. Apparently being a scientist isn’t the most sought after quality in the dating world. He’s never had any inappropriate thoughts about the android he’s been working on at his day job. That is, until she starts flirting with him.

He programmed the unit to have lifelike qualities, but this was far beyond what he intended. Now the robot he helped create wears tight-fitting outfits, revealing robes, and tries in every way to catch his eye. 

He considers himself a man of integrity, but there’s only so much he can take.


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Just This Once: 5 Menage Erotica Stories

Three is always more fun than two.

If you’ve been searching for a bundle of erotica short stories all about a three-way connection, then this book is for you. Enjoy these 5 stories all about the fine art of enjoying more than one person at a time. Whether for the first time or yet another fling, these characters are looking to have a wild time.

You receive 2 FREE erotica stories in this bundle. 5 for the price of 3! Lock the doors and enjoy reading Just This Once tonight.

Word count: 24,000

Here’s where you can find it:


Moving In: A Lesbian Story

Courtney wants a roommate. What she gets is far more than that. 

Transferring from a community college to a university, Courtney’s hoping to make new friends. She’s been plagued with shyness all her life, and she’s looking forward to expanding her circle.

When she meets her new roommate, Becca, they hit it off well. More than well, in fact. During a party, Becca pretends to be Courtney’s girlfriend to ward off an annoying guy, which only sends Courtney into a tailspin of hopes and desires.

The next day, they watch a movie on the couch and talk about what happened that night, although they won’t be relaxing for long.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed: An Erotic Massage Story

She’s never given a happy ending before, but there’s a first time for everything.

Dawn has had it with Anastasia. Ever since Dawn started as a massage therapist, Anastasia has made it clear that she’s the kind of boss who doesn’t take any excuses. In fact, Anastasia recently fired a girl for doing things to clients that weren’t exactly on the menu.

When Blake is referred there by a co-worker, Dawn finds an attractive man walking through their door. After Anastasia yells at Dawn for being late, Dawn can’t help but consider ways to get back at her. She comes up with an idea that would really make Anastasia mad, and it’s one where she gets to have some fun too.

Blake comes in for a massage, but ends up getting much more than he bargained for.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:


Plays Well With Others: 5 Swinger Erotica Stories

This collection of swinger erotica short stories has all the excitement you need. Enjoy these 5 stories all about husbands giving away their wives and wives sharing their husbands. The wedding rings are coming off and these characters are going to have some extramarital fun.

You receive 2 FREE erotica stories in this bundle. 5 for the price of 3! Lock the doors and enjoy reading Plays Well With Others tonight.

Word count: 20,500

Here’s where you can find it:


His Little Secret: A Swingers Story

Julie’s husband has a secret.

While investigating what that secret is, she discovers Tracy and RJ, an attractive couple who know Greg, her husband, going back years. Greg hasn’t mentioned them before.

After meeting with Tracy, she gives Julie a kiss on the cheek goodbye. The impression of that kiss stays with Julie the rest of the night. In fact, it inspires her next move, which is to tell Greg to invite them over for dinner.

It starts out with the entree, but the four of them turn out to be dessert. When Julie first met Tracy, she never imagined she’d get to know her and her husband in such an intimate manner. 


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Going Under: A Hypnosis Story

Ellie just wants one thing, and hopefully hypnosis can help her get it.

After a handful of relationships, Ellie still hasn’t crossed the finish line. Whenever things get physical, it ends there. It’s not like she isn’t willing, but something inside makes her uncomfortable.

After talking to a few friends, Ellie decides to take action. She pulls up therapists in the area and finds a listing for a hypnotist. She’s never visited one, but she figures there’s no harm in trying.

The hypnotist turns out to be quite handsome and goes through what one might expect in a hypnosis session, at least at first. It turns out that he helps Ellie is more ways than one.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:


Steamy Nights: 10 Erotica Short Stories

This steamy collection of erotica short stories has everything you need. Stay home tonight with stories of sororities, lesbians, swingers, massages, BDSM, threesomes, spanking, professors, babysitters, wife swapping, husband swapping, and more. 

You receive 5 FREE erotica stories in this bundle. 10 for the price of 5! Lock the doors and enjoy yourself with Steamy Nights tonight.

Word count: 41,000.

Here’s where you can find it:


Enjoying the Bride: A Lesbian Story

With two weeks to go before her wedding, Toni feels nothing. No premarital jitters. No bliss. Nothing but exhaustion from planning her upcoming nuptials. 

She spends Saturday morning with her face buried in a catalog of wedding gowns, wondering which one will please her parents more. On a waitress’s salary, she’s glad they’re paying for it. But that also means they make the choices. Although in Toni’s life, they always make the choices.

A woman calls, asking what Toni’s wearing. After initially thinking it’s a prank caller, it turns out to be Fiona, the wedding planner, who just happens to date women as often as men. Toni doesn’t take Fiona’s compliments about her body too seriously, while changing in and out of outfits, but the constant attention makes her curious, despite being a virgin when it comes to lesbian fun.

With the wedding fast approaching to a man she’s only mildly attracted to, Fiona could be her last chance at a no-strings-attached fling, if she dares to cross that line.

Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:


Sharing My Husband: A Menage Story

Jillian knows it’ll be the perfect surprise.

Throughout their ten years together, it’s been her husband’s fantasy to be with two women at once. What better way to give him his heart’s desire than invite her best friend into the bedroom? He’ll only turn thirty-five once, after all. It’ll be the night of his life.

Jillian starts out with the thought of mainly focusing on Matt alongside Delia, but as the scene unfolds, she can’t help but want to enjoy her too. 

Last month, a menage wouldn’t have crossed any of their minds, but tonight is the beginning of something new for all of them. Jillian is determined to share her husband.

Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:


Early Dessert: A Swingers Story

Once Kelly and Ryan meet, everything clicks. They share everything together. Even their kinks.

Kelly never dreamed of meeting a man who’d be okay with her sleeping with someone else. They’d either be too territorial or controlling. But that was before Ryan, who apparently fantasizes about swinging too.

They start out on a swingers website, meeting up with a few couples. They have a lot of fun before it all comes to a screeching halt. They can’t find anyone interested in their area. It’s as if the entire kink community goes quiet.

Soon after, they attend a dinner party held by one of Kelly’s old college friends. There they meet Lily and Noah. It doesn’t take long to realize they’re swingers too. Leaving the party early, they decide to take their dessert to go.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:


After Hours: An Erotica Story

Brooke loves her job. Where else could she make extra cash while spending her days eating ice cream and talking on the phone?

The only thing missing from her life is a confident, mature man–qualities severely lacking from anyone she’s recently dated.

She’s been house sitting for Mr. Hightower off and on for months and never thought of him as anything more than an employer, despite his toned physique and his bold outlook on life. He’s a baseball coach, used to giving orders and people following them. 

In his living room finishing up a shift, she overhears him giving some of these…instructions. She closes her eyes and fantasizes about them in a much different context. Right there and then, she hatches a plan to make him hers.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:


See Me After Class: A Lesbian Story

Kristin has played a part all her life.

She’s dated guys off and on, but without any success. They just don’t do much for her. They’re messy and rough. She thinks that is her destiny, until she meets Professor Carolyn Bannister.

Carolyn is the director for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, busy sorting through auditions at her university’s theater department. When Kristin finishes her audition, Carolyn gives her the part before the rest of the students have their chance. Kristin matches the part perfectly of someone who has held in a secret desire for someone.

It isn’t long after Kristin receives the part that she wonders if she’ll get some one-on-one time with Professor Bannister to rehearse her part…and perhaps practice a few other things for the first time in the privacy of a backstage changing room.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:


Tough Love: A Spanking Story

Lingerie is Kate’s ultimate weakness. That, and spanking.

The spanking kink between Kate and Colin started years ago, and it’s only heated up since then. But with Colin away at a conference, Kate falls back into her old ways of overspending on lingerie. The lingerie is mostly a gift for him, after all.

The only problem is the budget and the credit card interest. As soon as Colin gets home, he’ll likely be upset, and what better way to dole out his punishment than bending his fiancée over his knee?


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Kiss My Wife: A Swingers Story

Life isn’t about eating your vegetables; it’s about having a heaping plate of dessert.

Cole and Dana have been married a long time. They’ve raised children and are a cornerstone of their community. Their secret: they’re heading to a discreet swingers resort for married couples. If they go through with it, people will expect them to sleep with other couples…together.

They arrive at the resort a little nervous, but once they meet Trent and Charlotte, they loosen up some. Then they loosen up a lot more. 

Cole and Dana want Trent and Charlotte to show them the ropes…and their bodies, giving them a crash course in what it’s like to see your spouse with someone else. The combined mix of jealousy and excitement makes everything worth it.

And that’s just the beginning of the night.

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Call Me Cutie: A Bimbo Story

Who knew being a bimbo could be so rewarding?

Katie might as well have been invisible standing next to the blonde bimbo at the coffee shop. She keeps getting passed over for promotions and better treatment. She’s the smart, successful one, but is it worth it?

In a moment of frustration, she does an online search for an answer. She finds it, but not in the form she expects. Become the Bimbo You’ve Always Wanted to Be, the website promises. And after staring at a blurred, wavy image and repeating airhead phrases for a half-hour, she’s already starting to feel the effects.

The next day, she wakes up to some drastic changes, which catches the eye of every man she passes. There’s a power she now wields, and it’s her transformed body, bimbo thoughts, and pretty voice. This story explores how she uses them.

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Lipstick and Lace: 5 Lesbian Erotica Stories

If you want to read about soft curves and coy advances, this is the bundle you need. Included are stories about lesbian sororities, celebrities, BDSM, clubbing, and quickies. 

Enjoy 22,000 words of genuine, erotica stories intended to turn up the heat. You get 2 FREE stories. 5 for the price of 3.

Here’s where you can find it:


Mistress Comes First: A BDSM Story

When Levi wears his collar, the rest of the world gets a little fuzzy around the edges.

For their six month anniversary, Levi gives his girlfriend, Raleigh, a key to his apartment. Since then, she’s left her soap in his shower and some extra clothes in the back of his dresser. She also added one more item, but it’s one Levi wears…his collar.

Ever since their BDSM lifestyle started, Levi has found a new purpose: pleasing his Mistress. She always took care of him, but most importantly, she always showed him exactly how to please her.

One night, Raleigh gives her submissive a task before coming home with a treat.


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Her Happy Ending: An Erotic Massage Story

Skye finally finds out what a “full service” massage really means.

Before moving to Nashville a year ago, life was about as exciting as doing laundry on a Saturday night. But then Blake Jackson walks into Skye’s world. Six feet of hard, corded muscle and gorgeous, blue eyes, he’s a dream come true. Unfortunately, he’s also her masseur and therefore strictly off-limits.

But having his hands all over her during her massage makes it impossible to keep pure thoughts. She wants a happy ending. The only question is, who will make the first move? If Blake doesn’t, then Skye may have to take things into her own hands.


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Betting His Wife: A Swingers Story

If you run out of chips, bet your wife.

Rachel and Charity’s bodies are used as currency by their husbands, all coming down to one last hand of poker. Taylor wins, but he decides to let Brett share in the spoils by giving over his wife too.

Up until this point, Rachel didn’t consider herself a swinger, but she’s willing to experiment. When it comes time to cash in, Rachel is becoming more and more intrigued by the idea of being the prize.

If you’ve ever wanted the ultimate wife swapping story, give this a read tonight.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

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22 thoughts on “My Books

  1. For some reason best known to the gods erotic fiction is more a feminine favourite than a masculine one. I guess that men would call them “dirty books” and then happily enjoy them. Anyway, erotica is, in my opinion, a healthy genre.


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