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Going Under: A Hypnosis Story

Ellie just wants one thing, and hopefully hypnosis can help her get it.

After a handful of relationships, Ellie still hasn’t crossed the finish line. Whenever things get physical, it ends there. It’s not like she isn’t willing, but something inside makes her uncomfortable.

After talking to a few friends, Ellie decides to take action. She pulls up therapists in the area and finds a listing for a hypnotist. She’s never visited one, but she figures there’s no harm in trying.

The hypnotist turns out to be quite handsome and goes through what one might expect in a hypnosis session, at least at first. It turns out that he helps Ellie is more ways than one.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Hypnosis fetish


Steamy Nights: 10 Erotica Short Stories

This steamy collection of erotica short stories has everything you need. Stay home tonight with stories of sororities, lesbians, swingers, massages, BDSM, threesomes, spanking, professors, babysitters, wife swapping, husband swapping, and more. 

You receive 5 FREE erotica stories in this bundle. 10 for the price of 5! Lock the doors and enjoy yourself with Steamy Nights tonight.

Word count: 41,000.

Here’s where you can find it:


Enjoying the Bride: A Lesbian Story

With two weeks to go before her wedding, Toni feels nothing. No premarital jitters. No bliss. Nothing but exhaustion from planning her upcoming nuptials. 

She spends Saturday morning with her face buried in a catalog of wedding gowns, wondering which one will please her parents more. On a waitress’s salary, she’s glad they’re paying for it. But that also means they make the choices. Although in Toni’s life, they always make the choices.

A woman calls, asking what Toni’s wearing. After initially thinking it’s a prank caller, it turns out to be Fiona, the wedding planner, who just happens to date women as often as men. Toni doesn’t take Fiona’s compliments about her body too seriously, while changing in and out of outfits, but the constant attention makes her curious, despite being a virgin when it comes to lesbian fun.

With the wedding fast approaching to a man she’s only mildly attracted to, Fiona could be her last chance at a no-strings-attached fling, if she dares to cross that line.

Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Lesbian sex, Cheating, Bride aspect


Sharing My Husband: A Threesome Story

Jillian knows it’ll be the perfect surprise. Throughout their ten years together, it’s been her husband’s fantasy to have a threesome. What better way to give him his heart’s desire than invite her best friend into the bedroom? He’ll only turn thirty-five once, after all. It’ll be the night of his life.

Jillian starts out with the thought of mainly focusing on Matt alongside Delia, but as the scene unfolds, she can’t help but want to enjoy her too. 

Last month, a threesome wouldn’t have crossed any of their minds, but tonight is the beginning of something new for all of them. Jillian is determined to share her husband.

Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Swinging, Threesome sex, F/M/F, Husband sharing


Early Dessert: A Swingers Story

Once Kelly and Ryan meet, everything clicks. They share everything together. Even their kinks.

Kelly never dreamed of meeting a man who’d be okay with her sleeping with someone else. They’d either be too territorial or controlling. But that was before Ryan, who apparently fantasizes about swinging too.

They start out on a swingers website, meeting up with a few couples. They have a lot of fun before it all comes to a screeching halt. They can’t find anyone interested in their area. It’s as if the entire kink community goes quiet.

Soon after, they attend a dinner party held by one of Kelly’s old college friends. There they meet Lily and Noah. It doesn’t take long to realize they’re swingers too. Leaving the party early, they decide to take their dessert to go.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Swingers, Wife swapping, Husband swapping


After Hours: A Babysitter Story

Brooke loves her job. Where else could she make extra cash while spending her days eating ice cream, talking on the phone, and occasionally checking after two well-behaved girls?

The only thing missing from her life is a confident, mature man–qualities severely lacking from anyone she’s recently dated.

She’s been babysitting for Mr. Hightower for a few months and never thought of him as anything more than an employer, despite his toned physique and his bold outlook on life. He’s a softball coach, used to giving orders and people following them. 

In his living room finishing up a shift, she overhears him giving some of these…instructions. She closes her eyes and fantasizes about them in a much different context. Right there and then, she hatches a plan to make him hers.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Babysitter, Boss/employee, M/F sex


See Me After Class: A Lesbian Story

Kristin has played a part all her life.

She’s dated guys off and on, but without any success. They just don’t do much for her. They’re messy and rough. She thinks that is her destiny, until she meets Professor Carolyn Bannister.

Carolyn is the director for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, busy sorting through auditions at her university’s theater department. When Kristin finishes her audition, Carolyn gives her the part before the rest of the students have their chance. Kristin matches the part perfectly of someone who has held in a secret desire for someone.

It isn’t long after Kristin receives the part that she wonders if she’ll get some one-on-one time with Professor Bannister to rehearse her part…and perhaps practice a few other things for the first time in the privacy of a backstage changing room.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: F/F sex, Lesbian professor, Professor/student


Tough Love: A Spanking Story

Lingerie is Kate’s ultimate weakness. That, and spanking.

The spanking kink between Kate and Colin started years ago, and it’s only heated up since then. But with Colin away at a conference, Kate falls back into her old ways of overspending on lingerie. The lingerie is mostly a gift for him, after all.

The only problem is the budget and the credit card interest. As soon as Colin gets home, he’ll likely be upset, and what better way to dole out his punishment than bending his fiancée over his knee?


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Spanking, M/F sex, Married couple


Kiss My Wife: A Swingers Story

Life isn’t about eating your vegetables; it’s about having a heaping plate of dessert.

Cole and Dana have been married a long time. They’ve raised children and are a cornerstone of their community. Their secret: they’re heading to a discreet swingers resort for married couples. If they go through with it, people will expect them to sleep with other couples…together.

They arrive at the resort a little nervous, but once they meet Trent and Charlotte, they loosen up some. Then they loosen up a lot more. 

Cole and Dana want Trent and Charlotte to show them the ropes…and their bodies, giving them a crash course in what it’s like to see your spouse with someone else. The combined mix of jealousy and excitement makes everything worth it.

And that’s just the beginning of the night.

Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Swingers, Wife sharing, Husband sharing


Call Me Cutie: A Bimbo Story

Who knew being a bimbo could be so rewarding?

Katie might as well have been invisible standing next to the blonde bimbo at the coffee shop. She keeps getting passed over for promotions and better treatment. She’s the smart, successful one, but is it worth it?

In a moment of frustration, she does an online search for an answer. She finds it, but not in the form she expects. Become the Bimbo You’ve Always Wanted to Be, the website promises. And after staring at a blurred, wavy image and repeating airhead phrases for a half-hour, she’s already starting to feel the effects.

The next day, she wakes up to some drastic changes, which catches the eye of every man she passes. There’s a power she now wields, and it’s her transformed body, bimbo thoughts, and pretty voice. This story explores how she uses them.

Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Bimbofication, Breast enlargement, Mindlessness, Ditsy

Lipstick and Lace: 5 Lesbian Erotica Stories

If you want to read about soft curves and coy advances, this is the bundle you need. Included are stories about lesbian sororities, celebrities, BDSM, clubbing, and quickies. 

Enjoy 22,000 words of genuine, erotica stories intended to turn up the heat. You get 2 FREE stories. 5 for the price of 3.

Here’s where you can find it:

Includes: Lesbian sororities, Celebrities, BDSM, Clubbing, Quickies, Lesbian sex


Mistress Comes First: A BDSM Story

When Levi wears his collar, the rest of the world gets a little fuzzy around the edges.

For their six month anniversary, Levi gives his girlfriend, Raleigh, a key to his apartment. Since then, she’s left her soap in his shower and some extra clothes in the back of his dresser. She also added one more item, but it’s one Levi wears…his collar.

Ever since their BDSM lifestyle started, Levi has found a new purpose: pleasing his Mistress. She always took care of him, but most importantly, she always showed him exactly how to please her.

One night, Raleigh gives her submissive a task before coming home with a treat.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: BDSM, Domme, Male submissive, Collars


Her Happy Ending: An Erotic Massage Story

Skye finally finds out what a “full service” massage really means.

Before moving to Nashville a year ago, life was about as exciting as doing laundry on a Saturday night. But then Blake Jackson walks into Skye’s world. Six feet of hard, corded muscle and gorgeous, blue eyes, he’s a dream come true. Unfortunately, he’s also her masseur and therefore strictly off-limits.

But having his hands all over her during her massage makes it impossible to keep pure thoughts. She wants a happy ending. The only question is, who will make the first move? If Blake doesn’t, then Skye may have to take things into her own hands.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Massage therapy


Betting His Wife: A Swingers Story

If you run out of chips, bet your wife.

Rachel and Charity’s bodies are used as currency by their husbands, all coming down to one last hand of poker. Taylor wins, but he decides to let Brett share in the spoils by giving over his wife too.

Up until this point, Rachel didn’t consider herself a swinger, but she’s willing to experiment. When it comes time to cash in, Rachel is becoming more and more intrigued by the idea of being the prize.

If you’ve ever wanted the ultimate wife swapping story, give this a read tonight.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Swingers, Wife sharing, Husband sharing


Rush With Me: A Sorority Story

Shelby learns just what it takes to join a lesbian sorority.

Being a freshman, she’s never rushed for a sorority before. Even being a cheerleader for two years didn’t prepare her for this. She’s heard rumors of what goes on behind closed doors, but she dismisses them as just that…rumors. There’s no way they’re true.

She’s never touched another girl before, and she certainly doesn’t consider herself a lesbian, but rushing for this particular sorority opens her up to new experiences. This is one night she’ll never forget.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Lesbians, Sorority, College-aged


Carnal Pleasures: 10 Erotica Short Stories

Want an erotica bundle at a value price? This is a collection full of stories that will keep you warm at night. Included in this bundle are topics like lesbian celebrity, cougars, bimbos, virgins, threesomes, erotic hypnosis, swingers, firefighters, and more.

Satisfy your craving with over 41,000 words of compelling stories and pure erotica. You get 5 FREE stories: 10 stories for the price of 5.


Here’s where you can find it:

Includes: Lesbian sex, Cougar, Bimbofication, Virgin, Dominant Female, Swingers, Hypnosis, Wife Sharing


The Perks of Fame: A Celebrity Lesbian Story

What can you get when you’re a celebrity? Anything you want.

Jo’s career as a model is taking off, giving her countless fans and the opportunity to travel around the world. The only thing it doesn’t give her is a relationship with her boyfriend, who decides the time away from home is too much for him.

Before moving to New York City, Jo decides to relax in her hometown of Phoenix, where her biggest fan just happens to live. On a whim, Jo invites her out for drinks…and likely more after.

Callie turns out to be the perfect fangirl. She worships the ground Jo walks on. They have a wild night out at the club until Jo turns up the heat back at her apartment.

It’s an opportunity for Callie to have her night with a celebrity, and Jo uses this to her advantage. Callie turns out to be the perfect, obedient, lesbian pet. There are perks to being famous.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: F/F sex, Celebrity aspect, rimming, oral sex, clubbing


House of Pleasure: A Swingers Story

A House of Pleasure made for swingers. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Grace and Steve fall into a routine, like married couples often do. They want something different, but they’re too stuck in a rut to try something new. When Steve finds out about a secret club for swingers, he jumps at the opportunity. Now all he has to do is convince his wife.

Grace reluctantly agrees, and during their first visit, they meet an intriguing married couple. Faced with their first real taboo, Grace and Steve dive in headfirst to fulfill their fantasy, and Steve tries out wife swapping.

Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Swingers, wife sharing, husband sharing, group sex


The Cougar’s Fling

When the husband’s away, the cougar will play.

The best thing to do after a divorce is to have a fling. That’s what everyone keeps telling Evie, even her best friend. Evie puts it out of her mind for the time being. That is, until she bumps into Craig, a young man her husband used to tutor, at the local coffee shop.

Now Evie is feeling something she hasn’t for a long time, the spark of desire. She’ll decide whether she can resist the temptation, or whether a fling is just what she needs.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Cougar/cub, M/F sex, older woman/younger man


The Bimbo Experiment

Who said the night shift has to be boring?

David wasn’t looking forward to starting a new job, but it turns out to be anything but dull. The lab where he works as the night security guard is testing an experimental mist, diffused by a humidifier and intended to be a relaxant, but it turns out that it has some very interesting side effects on the women participating in the sleep study.

David resists temptation as long as he can…which turns out to be not very long at all.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Bimbofication, M/F sex, lab setting


Sinful Thoughtsst-small-image

This sinful collection of erotica short stories has everything you need. Start anywhere you want with stories of threesomes, babysitters, wife sharing, bimbos, lesbians, human dolls, invisibility, mind altering, professors, BDSM, Dommes, and more.

You receive 15 FREE erotica stories in this bundle. 25 for the price of 15! Lock the doors and enjoy yourself with 120,000 words of erotica tonight.

Here’s where you can find it:

Includes: Babysitter, Bimbo, Wife sharing, Lesbian professor, Human doll, Bride, Cougar, Billionaire, BDSM, Threesomes, Hypnosis.


The Virgin and the Firefightertvatf

After all these years, Liam better be worth the wait.

Being the artsy band nerd in high school, Abby could only watch as her crush, Liam, barely noticed her. The football star hardly looked in her direction. Now in her 20s, the lust didn’t fade. If anything, it’s stronger. Maybe that’s why she’s still a virgin. Maybe that’s why she’s still waiting.

One night, fate thrusts her into Liam’s arms, and she’ll have to see if she has the guts to go for her first time.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Virginity, Firefighter, Reluctant female


She’s the Bossstb

Kylie discovers that she likes to take charge in the bedroom as well as the board room.

Struggling to keep her magazine company in business and recovering from a recent breakup, she feels high strung. And on top of that, she can’t stop staring at Nick, her magazine’s graphic designer. With the two of them left alone one night at the office, she decides to find out just how well he can take directions.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Features: Female dominant traits, boss/employee taboo


Better With Threebwt

There’s no third wheel in this threesome.

Arya finds it hard to stay awake during the late shift at the steakhouse she works at, so Janette, the hostess, keeps her company. The idea of a threesome with one of the male customers starts as a joke, but ends as a reality.

This is Arya’s first threesome, and she’s nervous about how it’ll go. Thankfully, she has Janette’s guiding hand to end the night with a bang.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: threesome, sex with a stranger, bisexuality


Blackmailing the Stripper

Being a stripper has its benefits.

Since starting exotic dancing, Aimee has seen her confidence and bank account grow. She dances two cities over in order to keep her night life separate from her pastor father and small town gossip. That is, until Jace strolls into her apartment with proof that she’s a stripper. She has a feeling the price for silence won’t be cheap, but she’s far more eager to pay it than anyone thought.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Blackmail, M/F sex, Control exchange


A Dance in the Dark

When a girl finds herself ignored, she finds another dance partner…literally.

On a hot date with a yummy guitar boy, Maria receives the cold shoulder. That’s when Raven, a woman with hair to match the name, sits down next to her and strikes up a conversation. Within minutes, she’s on the dance floor with Raven’s breath hot on her neck.

She wants to take her home, but that might take too long. That leaves only one other option.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Features: lesbian sex, semi-public sex


Back Room Hypnosisback-room-hypnosis-jpg

Paige is bored with her life, and erotic hypnosis seems to be her only answer.

When her best friend suggests hypnosis, Paige is skeptical from the beginning. How can something like that solve her boring sex life? Despite never trying it before, she books an appointment, never expecting the handsome, Italian man to be her hypnotist.

Paige finds it easier to give up control to Marcelo than she thought. As she is relaxed, so are her boundaries.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Features: hypnosis, m/f sex



This naughty collection of 10 erotica stories will satisfy your craving. This bundle has it all, from billionaires to cougars. Want to read about a seductive babysitter or a dominant, lesbian professor? Then go no further. It’s all right here.

You receive 5 FREE erotica stories in this bundle. Ten for the price of five. Cancel your plans tonight and begin this erotica collection of 46,000 words.


Here’s where you can find it:

Features: m/f sex, threesomes, wife sharing, lesbian sex, BDSM, teachers, cougars, babysitters, and billionaires.


Turned Into a Bimbo

Maxine is a scam in a dress. She parts older men from their money under the guise of true love. When wealthy businessman Charles offers a fancy dinner date, she thinks it is simply another money making opportunity. It turns into something else entirely.

Throughout their date, Maxine goes from high intelligence and wit to a bubby bimbo who wants nothing more than to be enjoyed. Now the tables have turned. Charles pays a high price for the date, but with expensive taste comes rich pleasures.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Features: Bimbofication, m/f sex


Bedding the Babysitter

When not at college, Jenna has babysat Shane’s only child on and off for years. She’s always wanted Shane but too shy to do anything about it. Tonight, that’s going to change. If he won’t make the first move, she will.

Shane has been divorced for years. Being a single dad and advancing his career takes up a lot of his time. The last thing he needs is for Jenna to catch him lusting after her whenever she comes over to babysit. Then he arrives home to a dinner she made and everything changes.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Features: Taboo relationships, m/f sex


Coffee Shop Quickie

Marianne hates her job at the coffee house. Not just because of how boring it is, but because her boss, Helen, expects things beyond normal job duties. Things of a more physical nature.

Because of an accident, Marianne had to make it up to Helen in the privacy of her back office. She thought nothing can go right that day until a nurse comes in for coffee…and turns Marianne’s world upside down.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Features: Lesbian sex, blackmail, boss and employee “relations,” liquid caramel play


Sharing My Wife

Tim and Briana felt secure enough in their marriage to welcome another man to their bed. Briana thought it was a one-time thing, but Tim has another ideas. Ever since then, Tim has been thinking about the next time he can pair the two together.

Leif couldn’t believe his luck when Tim gave the okay to enjoy Briana for a night. It surprises Leif even more when Tim calls to set it up again, only this time with a twist that Briana doesn’t know about yet. Leif immediately cancels his other plans. Everything else can wait. Tonight he will feast on forbidden fruit once again.


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Features: threesome, m/f/m, taboo, blindfolding, light bondage


On Her Knees: A Lesbian BDSM StoryOHK

Every pet needs training, and Laurie is no exception.

Laurie hasn’t been Mistress’s submissive very long, but she’s already learning quickly how to obey, kneel, and behave. In fact, she’s behaved so well, Mistress is taking her to a fancy dinner party–of course wearing a skimpy dress. The only complication is the tiny vibrator Mistress smuggles in, which makes Laurie both excited and nervous.

What plans does Mistress have for her?


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Includes: Lesbian sex, BDSM, Mistress/submissive, oral sex


Strip For Me

Penelope has never watched anyone strip on webcam before. Hell, she’s never stripped herself. But there’s something about the cam boy on a website she recently found that makes her want to. She’s not normally like this, but for some reason she wants to behave in ways she’s not supposed to.

She signs up for the subscription website and sends him a message, asking if he’ll do a private, one-on-one striptease with her. Now she holds her breath while she waits for his answer. 


Here’s where you can find it for only $0.99:

Features: webcam stripping, camboys

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  1. For some reason best known to the gods erotic fiction is more a feminine favourite than a masculine one. I guess that men would call them “dirty books” and then happily enjoy them. Anyway, erotica is, in my opinion, a healthy genre.


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