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Always in Control

While dinner is good, dessert is better.

Serena hasn’t worked long at the law firm before she catches the eye of Mr. Laing, a top lawyer within the company. She quickly falls into the role of his babygirl and submissive, pleasing him in every way she can think of.

One night, he takes her to a cocktail party, lavish and fancy compared to what she’s familiar with. There he tortures her in the sweetest way possible, barely hidden from the other unwitting guests. She hopes he enjoys his dessert later at home, but Mr. Laing may not be willing to wait that long.


Lesbian Lust: 5 Lesbian Erotica Stories

There’s nothing like intimacy between two women, and this bundle explores that. From shy reluctance to a firm grip, these ladies experience all sorts of erotic situations. Whether you’re curious yourself or just a lover of lesbian play, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Word count: 24,000


Teacher Takes Charge

From the moment Cait said she wanted to be Alyssa’s teacher’s assistant, Alyssa knew she’d be trouble. It’s not that she’s a bad TA; it’s just that she’s too…perfect. It’s irritating how composed and put together she is. It’s not long before Alyssa wants to ruffle up all that perfection–in the way of bending her over her desk and teaching her a lesson.

In this story, Alyssa plays out her fantasy while getting a taste of what the whole class has been drooling over since the semester began. Suddenly Cait isn’t so composed with Alyssa’s fingers in her hair.


The Cougar and the Guy Next Door

Newly single and thirty-six years old, Joanna is starting over romantically. She kicked her husband, and all his possessions, to the curb.

Deciding to remake her life, Joanna goes for the full makeover: clothes, hairstyle, and social reputation. The one thing she didn’t plan for was meeting the college-aged guy next door.

Her neighbor didn’t mention his younger brother returning from Europe, but Joanna gets to know him in ways she wouldn’t have dared before.


The Billionaire’s New ToyTBNT

Claire wants to land the sale of the year, supplying all bedding materials for one of the largest luxury hotel chains in the country. The only thing standing in her way…is Connor Brenton.

A self-made Billionaire, Mr. Brenton is the type to go after what he wants. Now what he wants is Claire, but she’s more interested in padding her sales numbers than an erotic connection. At the sales appointment, it will be decided who gets what they want first.


Seducing My Therapist

Veronica’s problem is that she can’t stop touching herself.

Ever since her mother found her stash of toys, she’s made to go to a therapist to cure her “ailment.” The sessions take a different turn when Veronica discovers that her therapist, Dr. Patterson, is quite attractive.

It would be the ultimate middle finger to her mother to seduce the very therapist she set up for her. Veronica can try, but the question is, will it work?


Two For One

Two is always better than one.

That’s what they say. And honestly, it’s true. Angela hasn’t seen her old friend Jake in a year. When she finally sees him again, he looks much different than he did before.

Not only did he bulk up, but an equally hunky man introduces himself as Jake’s roommate. This visit could get interesting. Angela promises herself that she’ll be good, but she’s said that before.

Dive into this sizzling read where the sensual tension is palpable, leading up to a point where the men are willing to share her if it means they see any action at all.


Dirty Dreams: 10 Erotica Short StoriesDirty Dreams.

This sexy bundle has what you want! It includes lesbian seduction, bimbofication, voyeur, human doll, younger/older, hypnosis, and more.

Word count: 53,000


The Invisible Girl’s Peep ShowThe Invisible Girl's Peep Show

In this sequel to The Invisible Girl’s First Time, Jenny is off to her first year of higher education.

On her first day on campus, she is brought face-to-face with college experimentation when she’s trapped in the same room with her lesbian roommate and her girlfriend as they turn up the heat. The only way Jenny can avoid being caught snooping through her roommate’s bedroom is by turning invisible, and becoming aroused is the only way to do that.


Warming the Neighbor

Nobody likes shoveling snow, especially doing it alone. So when Kiera’s neighbor, Hanna, offers to help, she isn’t going to stop her. It isn’t easy living next to someone like Hanna, younger and quite attractive. But somehow they both find themselves in Kiera’s kitchen while also finding ways to warm each other up.


Seducing My Lesbian ProfessorSeducing My Lesbian Professor

Erin has a problem. She’s attracted to one of her students.

Maybe it was the long chats after class or the flirty looks Cassia gave her, but Erin can’t take it anymore. She has to make her move. Except Cassia doesn’t show for their normal after-hours chat. With the semester at an end, Erin thinks it’s all over until she hears a knock at her door.

She could be fired if anyone finds out.

Forbidden fruit tastes so good.


Her First Time: 5 First Time Erotica StoriesHer First Time

Remember the first time you tried something new?

When you first tried that position, kink, sensual act–remember the lust, the excitement, the nervousness, and the torrent of arousal threatening to sweep you away? Experience it again by reading this bundle of erotica short stories.

Word count: 30,000


Bimbofied By the DoctorBimbofied By the Doctor

Penny used to like simple things, such as quiet nights at home, conservative clothing, and the occasional glass of wine while reading a good book. Which is why it’s so strange that every time she comes home from working at Dr. Carter’s hypnotherapy office, she feels changes come over her, changes that make her forgetful and want to show off her body.

She notices these changes, but will she resist and confront Dr. Carter, or will she take the path of least resistance and become the bimbo he’s always wanted?


Study Hard: An Erotica Story

Graduating from college is hard enough without being single.

Faye’s best friend, Dakota, helps keep her mind off men by helping her study. The big exam coming up is making Faye lose sleep.

Dakota offers up her dad’s house for them to cram some studying in. It’s much quieter than the university library, especially considering that Dakota’s dad is out of town on business. Within an hour of being there, though, her dad arrives home after changing his flight. 

He doesn’t mind that they dropped by, but Faye finds it hard to concentrate on her studies with such an attractive, confident man nearby. She’d never do anything to hurt Dakota, but this is something Faye has never encountered before. 

She’ll have to decide whether experiencing Mr. Stevens is thrilling enough to risk a friendship over.


His First Human DollHis First Human Doll

Ever since Lisa found taboo videos online, she’s been coming up with fantasies to try out with Kyle. It’s now to the point where Kyle dreads the next wild idea. To him, some of them are downright strange.

One day, she comes up with the idea of being his human doll. It started out innocently enough, but now it’s nearly an obsession. Every day he expects her to bring it up again. When she eventually springs it on him, Kyle discovers there’s more to it than he previously thought.


Lesbian Poker NightLesbian Poker Night

Poker, chicken wings, and bragging rights…what could be better than that? Add a lesbian rendezvous and you have your answer.

Mina and Tiffany have had their eye on Chloe for some time. She is blonde and beautiful–who wouldn’t? Promising to introduce her to their mutual friend Alex, they bring her to the apartment for a poker night.

What begins as a clean game of poker quickly turns into strip poker, and with every article of clothing removed comes a less inhibited Chloe. Mina takes things a step further, hoping Chloe will follow along, but in this game of high stakes, all three of them could turn out to be a winner.


The Invisible Woman’s Night Adventure

One day in class, Jenny discovers that whenever she becomes aroused, her powers are triggered, and she becomes invisible. It always seems like a burden, something she has to hide. It keeps her from having her first time.

That is, until Nick comes along. Her long-time crush, he is the ultimate dream guy–muscled, confident, and good looking. She would do almost anything to share her first with him. The only problem is, he won’t give her a second glance.

Feeling empowered from using her invisibility powers intentionally for the first time, Jenny decides that there is a creative solution to her problem. With any luck, Nick will be hers.


Her Last Fling: A Bachelorette  Party  ConfessionHer Last Fling

Susan is nervous. Who wouldn’t be nervous the night before her wedding?

She spends her bachelorette party with her best friend at a male strip club but ends up leaving early. Within minutes, she bumps into the stripper that gyrated over her lap an hour ago. After a glass of wine, she sees her friend walking past–near enough to spot her sharing a drink with a man other than her fiancé.

In an attempt to evade being caught, Susan rushes in the direction of the stripper’s hotel room. Now she must decide between getting a good night’s sleep for her wedding or being tangled in the sheets with her new mystery man.


Ravished By the Boss

Sarah doesn’t believe in anything but the here and now. Superstition and the paranormal means nothing to her, which is why she finds it strange that ever since her boss stared wearing a particular tie clip holding a reflective stone, she couldn’t help but wonder how to make his life more pleasurable.

With so many people to manage, the dashing Mr. Kane had little reason to talk to his secretary, until her beauty turns his head at the office. He considers it a perfect opportunity to show her something she never saw before and soon notices how particularly susceptible she is to his influence.

Indulge in this steamy read about a powerful boss and a naïve secretary, and discover what it is about him that makes her want to obey his every need.




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  1. For some reason best known to the gods erotic fiction is more a feminine favourite than a masculine one. I guess that men would call them “dirty books” and then happily enjoy them. Anyway, erotica is, in my opinion, a healthy genre.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s great to connect with and become aware of more authors! I’ll have to check out one of your books 🙂


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