New Release! Warming the Neighbor


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Warming the Neighbor.


Beat the cold with this rather warming lesbian story. Check out the summary:

Nobody likes shoveling snow, especially doing it alone. So when Kiera’s neighbor, Hanna, offers to help, she isn’t going to stop her. It isn’t easy living next to someone like Hanna, younger and quite attractive. But somehow they both find themselves in Kiera’s kitchen while also finding ways to warm each other up.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Warming the Neighbor


There was nothing pretty about snow sticking around three days after it had settled on the ground. And since it blocked Kiera in her driveway, iced-over and five inches high, it was the ugliest thing she’d ever seen. Standing in the shower, letting the hot water roll over her shoulders for longer than was necessary, she cursed herself for letting her ex take the kids for winter break. Now there was no one to roll the hideous stuff into silly little snowmen or take pity on her and take the shovel from her hand.

   If she wanted to get out of the house–and she did, desperately, for groceries if for no other reason–she’d have to shovel all the snow herself. So, dressing as though she were preparing for an arctic expedition, she left the comfort of her nest of blankets for the first time in two days to do just that.

   Kiera realized she looked a little deranged, squatting down in her driveway all padded up, a shovel piled heavy with snow in hand. But she’d long forgotten how to feel embarrassment or shame. She cared little for what the neighbors thought and even less for what the perky little blonde next door might have to say about the situation.

   With her alpine good looks, Hanna Johnson was born for weather like this and seemed to thrive in it. Watching her flounce around with the little girl from down the street in the backyard that she and Kiera shared, making snow angels and generally having a lovely time, had been the low point of Kiera’s winter. It was bad enough that Hanna’s flexible hours working from home allowed her to be an emergency babysitter for the nurses and factory workers in the neighborhood. She didn’t have to visibly enjoy playing the Good Samaritan so much.

   Finally warming up under the layers she’d piled on, Kiera had worked up a fine sheen of sweat across her forehead that left her feeling even colder as she mechanically lifted snow and dumped it into the neighbor’s front yard. After what felt like an hour, but what was probably closer to fifteen minutes, she’d carved out a small dent in the long driveway but was nowhere near finished.

   Still, her back ached. Her shoulder throbbed. And there are pain relievers on the supermarket shelves, not in my medicine cabinet, Kiera thought to herself. She shoveled another load of snow, cursing all the way.

   “Need some help with that, Mrs. Tieman?”

   Kiera’s shoulders tightened at the bright sound of the voice behind her. “I’m managing, Hanna, but thank you. And it’s Kiera or Ms. Tieman, if you please. I went to a lot of trouble to make it that way.”

   “Kiera then. I just figured, you know, two hands are better than one. If we work together, we’ll have your drive cleared in no time.” From the sound of her voice, her smile hadn’t dimmed any at Kiera’s irritation. Kiera figured if a person had that sunny of a disposition, she should put it to use melting the snow.

   “I’m not going to stop you. If you’ve got a shovel, by all means, start shoveling.” Kiera lifted another load of snow from the driveway. She was pleased to hear the sound of scraping when Hanna came up on her left side, following her lead. Hanna’s blonde hair gleamed like wheat in the glaring light reflected off the snow, falling over her blue puff jacket in waves. 

(end of sample)




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