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A Dance in the Dark

 by Ava Sterling

Text copyright © 2018 Ava Sterling

All Rights Reserved


This book is licensed for personal enjoyment only and is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events, or locales are purely coincidental. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the author’s written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in articles or reviews. The person depicted on the cover is a model, not related to any of the characters or actions, and does not necessarily endorse or condone the book’s contents. Individuals pictured are used for illustrative purposes only. The materials are only intended for adult readers over the age of 18. It contains language and sexual situations that could be deemed graphic and/or offensive by some. All situations are fantasy based. The author does not necessarily advocate behavior based on the happenings in this book. All characters portrayed are 18+ at the time of sexual activity.




Grimy. That’s how Maria would describe the club. Everything from the sound of the bass pulsing around her to some of the more choice patrons, moving to the beat on the dance floor. The club was dark and illuminated by black lights. Some people looked like angels. Some looked like devils. Most of them came across like your average goths trying to have a good time on the one night of the month reserved for them.

  It wasn’t Maria’s scene, and she’d rather not be there. But she’d just sunk her claws into a yummy boy who played guitar out in the quad after hours and wasn’t ready to let him go until she discovered exactly what it was about the rocker type that made her melt. It certainly wasn’t his unwashed hair or the way he sulked around. Before tonight, she’d thought he might be a sensitive soul. But under the club lights, he looked like he might just be an asshole.

  And she’d dressed to impress him, too. A vintage, black T-shirt from an old rock band, shredded and clinging to her chest in all the right places, neon fishnet gloves on her hands, and a tight, black mini-skirt that hid very little. She wore towering, black heels that showed off her legs. She thought she looked like a band groupie.

  But now that she was there, she felt out of place. She received odd glances at her frosted, blonde hair and bright, blue eyes, obscured by smoky eyeshadow. It made her feel embarrassed. She wanted to leave.

  But she’d come for him, and she wouldn’t let a few nasty looks hold her back. She settled at a table on the side of the dance floor, watching the crowd. They moved in sync with the beat, a whirling mass of vampires wearing black on black. She couldn’t find her rhythm among them. She sipped the gin and tonic guitar boy had ordered for her, wishing it was something sweet inside a fishbowl she could share with a couple of her friends in a bar where she belonged.

  Guitar boy was a little, black rain cloud hovering over her, irritating her with every word that came out of his mouth. He wanted to dance. He wanted her to come look at the art upstairs. He was heading to the bathroom, but he’d be right back. Finally, he disappeared into the crowd, no doubt to look for a girl who wasn’t such a bummer in this sea of sadness. Maria couldn’t blame him, but she also didn’t mind. She was finally at the end of her gin and tonic and was thinking about cutting her losses and calling it a night.

   As Maria patted herself down, looking for her coat check number, someone settled at the table next to her. For a minute, she thought it was guitar boy, back and begging to be ignored. Instead, the woman she saw at her side gave her pause.

  She was beautiful, a mix between a punk band singer and a fairytale’s evil queen. Her long, black hair fell in a sheet across her back and her pale skin looked even more so under the black lights. Her dark lipstick accentuated her full lips and her brown eyes glittered with mischief.

  The attraction was instantaneous. Maria couldn’t look away even if she wanted to. Instead, she offered a smile, returned in spades by the beautiful girl in front of her. The girl leaned in close, and Maria couldn’t help but think of kissing the lipstick off her full lips until they were both smudged and messy.

  “You look lonely,” the girl told her, “and a pretty girl like you should never look lonely. Buy you a drink?”

  Guitar boy was long gone and the option of going home alone seemed more depressing than the music blasting through the speakers. So Maria said, “That would be nice.”

  “My name’s Raven,” the girl told her, standing up from the table to make her way toward the bar. Maria couldn’t help but watch her ass, drool-worthy in a leather skirt, as she went.

  Sure, Raven. That’s totally your name. I bet if I called after you right now, you and every other girl in here would turn their head, Maria thought, smirking in spite of herself. She hoped the other girl hadn’t noticed, but she found it funny. Naming a baby Raven practically ensured the child would grow up to be different than the crowd. But if they were playing with fake names, Maria would give one of her own. It might spice up the night a little.

  “Thank you.” She gave the girl a winning smile when Raven placed a lemon drop martini in front of her, holding her own neat, double whiskey in a delicate hand. “I’m Sunshine.”

  She expected Raven to laugh or call her out, but the only thing she did was raise an eyebrow before settling down next to her. “Pleasure to meet you, Sunshine.”

  Raven sat down close enough that she could feel warmth radiating from her. Funny, she’d always expected goth girls to be colder for some reason. Maybe it was the whiskey on Raven’s lips, or the alcohol from the lemon drop going straight to her head, but this particular girl was hotter than hell.

  Time passed. It might have been half an hour or a year spent talking together, enjoying each other’s company as they sipped their drinks. She wasn’t sure. She was enthralled with her. Raven told her about her job at a record store and how she’d played guitar since she was a little girl. Hell, Raven even wrote songs and performed at coffee shops on Monday nights. Maria had a thing for musicians after all.

  Each shy statement made Maria want to share one of her own in return. She found herself blurting out how she’d gone to school to study finance because theatre wasn’t an attainable goal and how she’d painted for most of her life.

  As they spoke, their revelations grew bolder, more intimate. Raven shared about her first middle school girlfriend, a shy, short-lived experience where they were afraid to hold hands but passed a notebook back and forth filled with love letters that she still had somewhere. Maria was more hesitant with her own confession: she’d fallen in love with her high school best friend and kissed her once behind the bleachers a week before they left for colleges in separate states. The friend never called her again.

  “She lost more than you did,” Raven said, taking Maria’s hand in her own.

  It surprised Maria just how warm and soft Raven’s hand was. Just as suddenly, she realized that she’d been holding Raven’s hand for a long time. She released it, shaking her head as though to clear the cobwebs away.

  “You’re so easygoing.” Maria gestured to the scene around them. “How can you like all this dark, screamy stuff? It’s just so…depressing.”

  Raven studied her coolly with a smile on her face. “I can’t entirely explain it,” she confessed after a moment. “It’s one of those things you have to experience for yourself to understand. But there’s something magical in it.”

  Maria shrugged, settling back against her seat. “It just sounds like a bass line to me.” Her drink was nearly gone. She wondered if she ought to buy the next round.

  “I can’t explain it,” Raven said again. “But I can definitely show you.” With that, she took to her feet, towering in her platform boots. “Come on.” She held out her hand. “Dance with me.”

  Maria followed into the writhing mass of people dancing to a beat she didn’t understand. At first, she felt stupid and shy. It felt as though everyone stared at her and noticed every part that stood out.

  But slowly things slotted into place. The pulsing bass wrapped itself around her skin like Raven’s fingers sliding across her waist. She guided Maria’s movements as carefully as a teacher. Then with Raven’s hand in hers, she felt like the mass of sound around her was a language she was learning. Raven’s dark eyes flashed as she leaned in close, and Maria began to think she understood the message she saw in them.

  They danced so close it was hard to tell where Maria’s body ended and Raven’s began. Skin on skin, black leather kissing black lace as the beat pulsed around them. Maria copied Raven’s movements when she wasn’t sure what to do. Slowly but surely, their bodies took over in a dance that felt as natural as breathing, as intoxicating as the glass of whiskey Raven had drained during their conversation.

  Maria’s arms found their way around Raven’s neck and her lips reached the pulse point just below. She couldn’t help but let her tongue dart out to taste, which caused the girl to moan at the sensation. Maria didn’t stop to question whether she should. Instead, when Raven smiled encouragingly, she leaned in to kiss that smile. Again, and again, and again, her motions as repetitive as the song around them, Maria allowed herself to get lost in Raven’s kiss.

  She could have lived in that moment: their lips together, their bodies pressed so close that she could feel Raven’s hip bones through her leather skirt. The music around them, and in front of her, a beautiful girl who wanted her. There was no time to question, no time to worry, no need to do anything but kiss and kiss again.

  And Raven’s interest was evident. It was clear she was enjoying herself at least as much as Maria was. She hadn’t stopped dancing entirely, her body still grinding into Maria’s as she dove in for another kiss. But this dance was a different one, more private. A dance for Maria alone.

  Soon it became obvious that Raven wasn’t content to just dance and kiss. At first, her movements grew closer, a little more desperate. Her hands climbed Maria’s sides like they needed something to hold onto in order to keep her upright. “C’mon,” she urged, barely a whisper in Maria’s ear.

  Maria could feel Raven’s nails digging into her skin. The points of pain felt incredibly pleasurable. She wanted to make Raven squirm, to have her dig harder until she couldn’t take it anymore. She wondered what those sharp nails would feel like scratching across her bare skin. She wanted to take Raven home and find out.

  But when Raven pulled away, it seemed she had a different idea than simply sharing a cab. “C’mon, Sunshine. Follow me,” she shouted over the din of the music, taking Maria’s hand in hers. She pulled Maria not toward the doors of the club, but a bathroom near the rear. Nervousness flooded Maria’s chest. She was excited and aroused. And she was scared. When the doors to the bathroom closed, it muffled the sound of the music. All she could hear was Raven’s breath and the beating of her own heart.

  “You want this?” Raven asked as though she were offering Maria the world and not just a quick fuck in a bathroom stall. Maria couldn’t help but nod, the nervousness in her gut replaced with excitement and a more pleasurable feeling altogether as she took in the woman before her. Yes, she wanted it. She wanted it badly.

  They crashed into each other, all lips, teeth, and hands tangling together. Raven fumbled to close the bathroom stall as she grabbed at Maria’s skin through the thin fabric of her t-shirt.

  Maria wished Raven’s stiletto nails were sharp enough to shred the fabric. As it was, she reached for the hem of the t-shirt and yanked it out of her skirt, discarding it on the floor. It was from a thrift store, purchased purposefully for going out tonight. She wouldn’t miss it if she couldn’t wear it again.

  The taste of Raven’s lips made her feel more drunk than anything else she’d sipped that night. Maria pressed the girl hard against the bathroom stall, relishing in the hiss of pain Raven let out as her head slammed against the wall. The sound quickly turned into a moan of pleasure as Maria caught Raven’s lip piercing between her teeth and gave a hard tug.

  Her hands slipped behind Raven’s back to the line of laced ribbon on her corset. She fumbled there for a moment as her teeth scraped at the pale line of Raven’s neck, making very little headway with the lacing no matter how she tried. Her hands felt clumsy on such a delicate piece of fabric. She was nervous she might break it.

  “Is there a zipper on this thing?” she asked, desperation seeping into her voice. She needed to get her hands on the pale skin underneath the corset. She wanted to take Raven’s small breasts in her hands and play with them, but the black corset hugging tight to Raven’s curves was a thing of beauty and she didn’t want to break it.

  Raven shook her head. “I generally like it old school.” Her hands fished for the laces. “But I’m really regretting that decision right now.”

  Maria batted her hands away, making a quick decision. “Forget it. Keep it on.” She grabbed Raven hard by the waist and spun her around. There was a smacking sound as Raven’s palms hit the wall, her ass arching up so that Maria could have better access. Maria tangled a hand in her silky, black hair and pulled hard, relishing in the gasp she gave.

  “I don’t care about getting you completely naked,” Maria whispered into her ear, pressing the side of the girl’s cheek against the bathroom stall. She could hear how heavily Raven breathed. She could feel the taut lines of her body standing at attention with every word Maria spoke. It triggered something wild and animalistic in her. “I care about tasting you.”

  “Yes,” Raven hissed as Maria hiked the girl’s skirt up around her waist. She slid her hands between Raven’s legs and noted the absence of panties under the fishnets. Again and again she rubbed her hands against the wet flesh there, relishing in the feeling.

  “You like that? Bare underneath?” Raven asked, tossing a smirk over her shoulder.

  “Yeah,” she grunted in response, sliding her fingers between a hole in the fishnets and tearing the material. The ripping sound was shockingly loud in the quiet bathroom, but the moan Raven gave was louder.

  She swore, scrambling for purchase on the slick bathroom wall as though she knew how hard Maria was about to take her. But that was all she could say before Maria’s fingers were inside her, sliding in and out in swift, slick strokes. Maria’s dark lipstick smeared in messy kisses at the nape of Raven’s neck, where bruises bloomed as her teeth scraped hard at the fragile skin.

  Maria was lost in the sensation of feeling Raven from the inside, moving her fingers at a brutally quick pace inside the girl. The sensation of velvet-soft skin, enhanced by the silky wetness clenching around her made Maria groan in time to Raven’s soft moans. Raven fucked herself harder on Maria’s long fingers, arching her back with every thrust.

  Maria hadn’t realized how desperate the other girl was until she had her alone, but it was obvious with every thrust that Raven loved every moment. She must have loved being used, quick and dirty in a club bathroom, her tights torn, her smoky makeup a mess, her skirt hiked up around her hips, and her body a writhing mess of need.

  Maria loved the other side just as much. She loved watching this quiet, composed girl dissolve into a whimpering slut in her hands. She thoroughly enjoyed scraping her free hand down the exposed skin of Raven’s pale shoulders and watching red marks appear with every gasp and groan. It drove her crazy just to whisper in Raven’s ear, saying things she would never say in the light of day to anyone else. She’d never done this before. She’d never felt like this before. And she wanted more. She wanted to feel Raven clenching tight as an orgasm shuddered through her.

  “C’mon,” she whispered in Raven’s ear. “C’mon, Raven. Come for me. I want to feel you.”

  Raven’s body shook as pleasure overtook her. “That’s not my name,” she whimpered as her thighs tightened.

  “It’s okay,” Maria said. “My name isn’t Sunshine, either.”

  Raven’s eyes rolled back into her head. Whether it was from the force of her orgasm or the ridiculousness of their situation, Maria wasn’t sure, but there was a smile on Raven’s face. It was a beautiful sight.

  The feeling of Raven shaking apart at Maria’s fingertips drove her wild with want. Raven whimpered as Maria slid her fingers out, trying to keep them in her, but stilled and watched wide-eyed as Maria slipped them into her mouth. Maria’s tongue chased the flavor of Raven’s wetness across the pads of her fingertips. It was incredible. She wanted more.

  She dropped to her knees between Raven’s thighs and explored with careful, kittenish licks that quickly gave way to more determined motions. She could feel Raven’s thighs quivering as she tried to hold herself upright, still sensitive from her first orgasm. It was a wonderful sensation, holding the other girl up like this. A mix of arousal and smug pleasure coursed through her body at the sound of Raven’s breath quickening.

  It only took a few more licks before Raven’s knees gave way and another orgasm overtook her. Especially if Maria slid her fingers back inside the girl, pressing at the spongy flesh until she wailed. Maria rested two fingertips teasingly at Raven’s entrance, pleased at the sound of the other girl gasping. But then she pulled back, resting lightly on her knees. Raven cast a wild glance downward, trying to understand why Maria had stopped.

  Maria smirked. “Let’s make a deal,” she said as though she had all the time in the world. “You tell me your name, and I’ll let you come.”

  Raven let out a laugh, wiggling her butt as she did so. Maria took that as a challenge and slipped her fingers back into Raven, moving them achingly slow within her. She wanted to speed up, but she was curious as to how Raven would react to the teasing. She wanted to see if she could get Raven to slip.

  So she sped up, rubbing just hard enough with her fingers that Raven moaned in spite of herself, biting down on her lip hard to keep from speaking. The silver ring in her lip glinted, and Maria wanted to catch it in her teeth again. But she had a good thing going. She was in total control of the situation.

  That is, until Raven decided to take matters into her own hands, sinking back down on the fingers inside her. Raven rode Maria’s fingers, gasping with every up and down motion, until she was groaning in earnest. She picked up the pace while Maria watched, in awe, as Raven got herself off.

  “Sunshine,” Raven gasped, her moaning reaching a fever pitch as she tightened around Maria’s fingers once more. “Sunshine, Sunshine, it’s–oh!”

  “That’s not my name,” Maria reminded her, fingers pumping, drawing out Raven’s orgasm as long as she could. She held Raven’s trembling body up, enjoying the way the arch in Raven’s back shuddered through her body like a wave. Maria wondered how much more her body could take. She wanted to spend the night finding out.

  Raven muttered something that Maria couldn’t quite catch. Maria made a note to ask her once she’d come back to herself, but at the moment, Raven looked far too blissfully fucked-out to answer properly.

  When Raven finally sagged against the wall, they enjoyed a moment of silence when the only thing between them was their slowing breathing and wide smiles. There was nowhere they weren’t touching, and even though their makeup was smeared beyond belief and their clothing was in a total state of disarray, Maria couldn’t remember when she’d felt happier. She’d never had such chemistry with another person in her life. This evening had been anything but wasted.

  There was a banging on the stall that made them jump as a group of drunk girls came stumbling into the bathroom, laughing. “Somebody’s been fucking!” one of the girls sang out. Maria suddenly felt embarrassed. She’d never gotten carried away like that before. Having sex in a bathroom stall just wasn’t something she did.

  She caught Raven’s glance, and something comfortable settled into her. The anxiety passed as quickly as it had come. Raven smiled at her, and Maria returned it. They were safe with each other. They had the whole night to figure it out. She bent down to pick up her shirt.

  “Come home with me,” Raven said as they dressed. Maria brushed her thumb under Raven’s eyes where her mascara had smudged. Her fingers came away gray. She straightened Raven’s skirt and brushed her hair back across her shoulders to hide the marks she left there.

  “Okay,” she agreed. “Let’s go.”

  As they stumbled out of the bathroom hand-in-hand, Maria caught a glimpse of herself in the darkened mirrors lining the hallway of the club. It would be obvious to anyone who saw them what they’d been doing. But it was hard to care with Raven’s hand in hers.

  She was calling a cab, fiddling with the phone in her hand, when she saw the guy she’d originally arrived with. As she’d suspected, he’d gone off to find another girl to cling to. Fine by her.

  The woman he argued with was a fiery ginger and a whole head shorter than him, even in her tall platform boots. But she had an air of complete and total control about her that would make her quite a handful for him. A dominatrix type–it was easy to tell. She clearly had no problem putting men in their place, and as she reared back to toss her martini in his face, it was clear he needed it. But he wasn’t Maria’s problem anymore. Raven howled with laughter at the sight as she pulled Maria out of the club and into the brisk night air.

  As they climbed into the taxi, Maria turned to her. “You know,” she said, “I never did get your real name.”

  “Sure you did. I said it earlier.” Raven raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t get yours either.”

  “Fair enough.” Maria stuck out her hand. “I’m Maria. Pleased to meet you.”

  Raven took her hand. “I’m Sunshine.”

  Maria pulled away, stung. “Hey, I was honest with you!”

  “I’m being honest too.” She fished for her wallet and pulled out an ID.

  Maria studied it, but it wasn’t a fake. “I thought you were lying.”

  Sunshine laughed. “I have hippie parents.” The cab pulled away from the curb. “They were cool with everything, but I had to rebel somehow. So I changed my name and started wearing black leather. It didn’t end up bothering them. They told me they loved my genuine, personal expression. But I found out I was comfortable with who I am this way.”

  “This look isn’t really for me, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

  “It’s alright. I like you just the way you are. It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Maria.” She leaned in for another kiss.



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