Discounted/Free Books


Below are the current sales and giveaways I’m offering. To find my full list of books, discounted or otherwise, click here.


-FREE STORY! Moving In: A Lesbian Story (good through 01/24/2019)


-50% off: All Night Long: 25 Erotica Short stories (good through 01/24/2019)


-25% off: Four of Us: 5 Swinger Erotica Stories (good through 01/24/2019)


-25% off: Eager to Learn: 5 College Erotica Stories (good through 02/06/2019)


Although my books are offered on virtually every platform imaginable, these offers are distributed solely through Smashwords, as they’re the only platform that currently offers “coupons,” which are used to make books discounted or free temporary.

If Smashwords is a new platform for you, consider signing up with them, as I’ll be offering many more discounted and free books through them in the future. (And because they’re a great platform that treats authors well and offers competition to Amazon [if you’re into that] )