My Books Are Now Sold on Walmart!


Hi all!

Just a small note: my books are now sold on . In case that’s where you prefer to make your purchases online, I wanted to let everyone know. 

Click here to visit Walmart and see my books.

Just scroll down slightly, beyond the mirrors (for some reason).

My back catalog is still being added, which is why you only see a handful there, but it seems that my new books are being populated. TBA on the rest of my back catalog finding its way over.

Happy reading!






I started this blog/website to share with you all my adventures in erotica writing. I’ve already written a goodly amount of saucy stories, and I’ve had people ask me when I would create something like this. So here it is!

I’ll be on here periodically to share updates, random thoughts, and information about newly published stories. In a world of alarm clocks and monotony, I hope that my stories keep you warm at night and give you a small bit of thrill that you might be missing in your day-to-day schedule.