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Hiya. Like many of you, I’m a voracious reader. While I enjoy a wide variety of genres, one that I keep coming back to is erotica. I know, I know, scandalous right? You all know you do too, or at least you’ve been curious about it. It’s perfectly natural. In a world of annoying coworkers, sterile interactions, unfulfilled fantasies, schedule books, and monotony, we search for something that makes us feel that . . . fire–that passion, again. That’s where I come in.

I write steamy stories that make people curl their toes, grip the edges of the sheets, and forget to take dinner out of the oven. I believe that erotica stories deserve a plot, characters, and decent editing.

Take a peek at My Books to view a sampling of what I’ve published. I dive into saucy topics like cheating brides, girl-girl action, hypnosis, spanking, taboo relationships, interracial, mind control, swingers, dominatrix, cougars, Dom/sub, invisibility powers, etc. Good times.

I hope you’ll give one of my steamy stories a read. Go on, have a you moment. You deserve it.



Although nothing on this blog is explicitly X-rated (I save that for my books), obviously adult themes and subject matter are discussed. Please only view the pages on this website if you are the age of 18 or above.





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      1. It isn’t letting me just make a comment, so I am commenting under here. Thanks for liking part one of my erotic short story. I hope to finish the story and edit it, by the weekend.

        I’ll check out some of your stories.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for liking my blog. Being newbie to the blogging world getting such support is really a heart warming experience. Thank You 🙂
    Did read few of your write ups. Loved the way you present the narrative.
    Best wishes.


    1. Hey there! I’m a newbie too. We should all help each other. My blog isn’t dedicated to steamy sex stories but maybe an erotic will end up in my list one of these days 😉


  2. Thank you for liking my post, it’s always great to connect with fellow erotica authors! Congrats on your newly published book, it sounds downright naughty. Hope you don’t mind having another stalk…er…follower. 🙂


  3. Hi,
    Thanks for reading my Midnight Train story. Actually it slipped from my grasp unexpectantly. I’m still putting together a simple websight and will begin posting in a month or so.
    Sugar Roads

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  4. Thanks for the like on my Aloha movie review post. You’re quite prolific and your site has inspired me to start publishing my short stories. Here I was thinking I had to write a certain number of words to get my books published, but you’ve inspired me not to linger too much longer. Thanks for the idea, from one writer to another, although my genre is not erotica.


  5. Thank you for visiting me on the web today! As a new writer in this genre, I love knowing there are excellent and successful writers in this genre. Your website is beautiful and I look forward to checking out some of your work. ♥BB


  6. I share your same passion, for I write Erotica poetry, among other genres. If written well, it’s a joy to read and experience.


  7. Hi Ava
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for liking my post ‘Love Writing’.
    I reckon my story is no more than half way up the heat scale.
    But you’re right about one thing, the curiosity. We never lose it.
    Best wishes,
    Drew Greenfield (aka Bookheathen)


  8. Hi, Ava! Thanks for dropping by and liking my post. We’ve met before and it’s great to see you are still going strong. You inspire me 🙂


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