New Release! Dinner and Dessert: A Lesbian Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Dinner and Dessert: A Lesbian Story.


Check out the summary:

One last opportunity to make a move on her. It’s now or never.

Sophia is moving to Tulsa. Her boss made it clear that her position is being phased out, so it’s either relocating to the Midwest or she’s out of a job. Just when she’s getting more friendly with Elizabeth, an employee in her department.

Thinking of a plan, she convinces her boss to let her take out the department’s top performer for dinner as a thank you from the company, who just happens to be Elizabeth. The only snag is that her boss insists she take the top two performers, which also includes Jason.

At dinner, Sophia’s mind is racing on how to make a move on Elizabeth without Jason, and the entire restaurant staff, noticing. This launches a feverish, desperate attempt at pleasure, far beyond anything Sophia’s tried before.

If you enjoy saucy stories of lesbians, bi-curious women, and daring plans, you’ll love Dinner and Dessert.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Dinner and Dessert: A Lesbian Story


Sophia twisted the ring on her finger. The ring finger on her right hand, specifically. She enjoyed her freedom far too much to be encumbered with marriage, which was likely a blessing to many people, but not to her. She enjoyed having her fun too much. And tonight might provide another vehicle for that.

  The letter was still in her pocket. By now, it had become crumpled and folded over many times. Honestly, the worse the letter looked every time she took it out to reread it, the better. She should’ve burned the damn thing and told her boss no from the beginning, but she didn’t. For all her free spirit, she was a good corporate employee, and she had to do what she was told from time to time.

  Besides, Tulsa wasn’t all that bad. At least, she imagined so. She hoped so. In all reality, she barely knew what the city was like. She didn’t know if it had the amenities she was used to—the health spas, the concert arenas, etc. All she knew was that it was a city in Oklahoma…and her new home, apparently.

  Her finger started to hurt. She looked down and noticed a red mark surrounding the ring she twisted. It was a bad habit, and she really needed to stop.

  “Do you still want to wait, miss?” This was the second time the host had checked on her. Either she looked lonely waiting or he was hitting on her. As a woman in her early thirties, young for her position at the company, she was in the physical prime of her life, and receiving attention from both men and women wasn’t uncommon. Normally she’d flirt back, but she had other things on her mind.

  “Yes, I do,” she said. “But thank you.”

  “My pleasure,” he said and walked back behind the host stand. The restaurant’s name shined across the front of it as if it had just been polished a few hours ago. Considering how fancy this restaurant was, it might have been. She wanted somewhere nice to meet Elizabeth and Jason. They deserved it.

  She leaned back against the plush cushion in the waiting area and pulled out her phone. Sure enough, there was a text from Elizabeth, saying she was almost there. Sophia smiled. Elizabeth was always full of energy and a positive attitude, and Sophia was already missing her on her team. There would probably be new people in Tulsa Sophia would enjoy working with, but there was something special about Elizabeth.

  Sophia’s mind slipped back to the memory of last week when Elizabeth came in wearing a low-cut blouse and tight dress pants. Elizabeth was quite shy about it, even going as far as saying she planned on returning the items for something closer to her normal conservative tastes. But Sophia heaped praise on it, telling her she should dress like that more often.

  Interestingly enough, Elizabeth did. Enough times to be noticeable. Maybe there was more to this dinner than Sophia thought. She needed to calm herself down. The last thing she needed was her libido to flare up. Already she was on a dinner date, of sorts, with the prettiest woman in the entire department. The fact that Jason was also there was a bit of an afterthought.

  And there she was. Elizabeth walked up to the front door with her hair blowing behind her in the breeze. She wore a lovely dress that flowed behind her, the hem licking her toned thighs just above the knees. Elizabeth was one of those women who wasn’t quite aware how attractive she was, too shy to take charge of her sexual destiny. At least, that was the impression Sophia got.

  “Well hi,” Elizabeth said as she walked up.

  “Hey yourself,” Sophia said, standing up to give Elizabeth a hug. That embrace lingered a half-second longer than it should have, or normally did. It could’ve been Sophia’s imagination, though. Wishful thinking, perhaps.

  Elizabeth’s perfume filled Sophia’s nose. It smelled like lavender, Sophia’s favorite. It went right to her brain and made her feel a little light-headed. She shook her head to regain her balance.

(end of sample)







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