New Release! Afternoon Heat: A Cougar Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Afternoon Heat: A Cougar Story.


Check out the summary:

He proves to be a quick study, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nancy wants nothing more than to roll her eyes at her best friend, Victoria, who convinces her twenty-year-old son to take a year break from college simply because she misses him. Nancy sees through that a mile away and speaks out about how Wade should be able to spread his wings. 

Wade doesn’t deserve to be cooped up like that. With his weight lifting regimen and the body he has, he deserves to be at a house party with the hottest college sorority sister on campus, not sweating the afternoon heat in his home town in Florida.

The least Nancy could do is show him a good time and help take his mind off how much he likely misses his college life. There aren’t any hot sorority sisters around their town, but Nancy isn’t too far off. She’s beautiful compared to any woman, but especially one her age. 

She wouldn’t be surprised if she could turn Wade’s head, and if nothing else, make the afternoon a whole lot more fun.

If you enjoy steamy stories of assertive cougar women and eager-to-please college guys, you’ll love Afternoon Heat.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Afternoon Heat: A Cougar Story



Nancy started with three Jacks. It wasn’t a bad hand to begin with. The other four cards were a hot mess, though, and gave her nothing to work with. She bit the inside of her cheek and frowned.

  Glancing up, she took in Victoria’s gleaming green eyes. The redhead was looking at her cards the same way she looked at piece of chocolate cake, and she licked her lips in the same greedy fashion. The hand was surely over before it had begun.

  “Say, have you all seen the sale at the department store on Seventh Street?” Adelaide asked before picking up her glass of iced tea. “Fifty percent off starting the twentieth.”

  Nancy raised her eyebrows. “Odd time for a sale.” She reached forward and picked up a card, then decided it was just as useless as the ones in her hand, so she placed it on the discard pile.

  “It’s for all the moms when their sons and daughters go off to college,” Adelaide said, swooping down on the ten of clubs that Nancy had discarded and stuffing it among her other cards. “It’s called the Get Your Nest Back sale.”

  “Huh,” Victoria said. “I never knew I lost it.”

  “It means empty nesters. You know, just the two of them in the house.”

  Victoria wrinkled her nose. “Oh, I know what it means. Just a bad joke.”

  Adelaide continued. “One of those, you know, now that you’ve got an empty house, why not treat yourself to a hundred dollar sweater?”

  “Now fifty bucks!” Victoria said.

  “Why not a dozen then?” Nancy said, wryly. “I never cared for that store. The employees there always seem to stick up their noses at me whenever I go.”

  “Yeah, they’re snooty,” Adelaide said. “But still, half off is half off. Victoria, want to go with me once the sale starts?”

  Victoria shook her head as she picked up a card. “I don’t even want to think about September. I just got Wade back, and I hate to see him go already. Gin.” She placed her winning hand on the table but there was no victorious gloat. Just the facts.

  Nancy and Adelaide tossed their losing hands into the pile of cards and Nancy picked up the deck and began to shuffle. “Where’s he going, again?” Nancy asked.

  “Florida State,” Victoria said.

  Nancy rolled her eyes. “You’re crying about him moving back to his dorm? He’s going to a college barely a hundred miles away.”

  Victoria turned up her nose. “Before he started his break, he was only visiting every few weekends. I missed him terribly. This past year has been nice.”

  Nancy placed her cards down on the table. It had been Victoria’s idea for Wade to take a year off between his sophomore and junior year at college, for no other reason than she missed him. Sure, she said the reason was for him to work a job and save up money, but everyone knew the real motivation. Nancy was sure he didn’t mind the free meals, so it likely worked out both ways.

  “Snip the apron strings,” Nancy said. “He’s twenty. Let him spread his wings. He should experience somewhere different, like Seattle or Philadelphia.”

  Victoria clapped her free hand over her mouth. “Don’t you dare tell him that. I don’t want him getting any ideas. Tallahassee is far enough for me.”

  Adelaide, an amused smile on her face, joined in. “Don’t you want him to make friends?” she asked. “Get a girlfriend?”

  “Now you too? It’s not like there aren’t girls in our part of Florida. I don’t like the thought of him dating much better than moving out. But anyway, Wade’s far too good for just any college girl.”

(end of sample)











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