New Release! Just One Night: A Cheating Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Just One Night: A Cheating Story


Check out the summary:

If her husband won’t participate in their anniversary celebration, another man will.

Cate has everything prepared. A hotel room, wrapped gifts, romantic music…and the entire thing is a surprise. Nothing but the best for their tenth year wedding anniversary. 

All her husband has to do is wrap up the shift at his job at a normal time. Cate doesn’t think that’s too much to ask for, but apparently it is. Without much notice, and while Cate’s already in the hotel room waiting for him, he cancels because of work. In fact, he won’t be home until well into the next morning.

Now husband-less for the night, she decides to enjoy it anyway. The hotel is already paid for and she’s already there, so why not? She has a lovely dinner in the hotel restaurant, even if it is by herself. She’s also by herself in the hotel bar afterward. That is, until Vic asks if the seat next to her is taken. She tries not to let out a huff when she tells him no, but it comes out anyway.

She can’t quite put her finger on it, but Vic is charming and pushing her buttons in all the right ways. Maybe there’s a way to salvage the evening after all, but certainly not in the way she originally intended.

If you enjoy steamy stories of wandering eyes, adulterous women, and cheating wives, you’ll love Just One Night.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Just One Night: A Cheating Story


The store employee smiled her plastic smile as Cate wandered around, first looking at cashmere sweaters and then heading over to the ties.

  “Is there anything I can help you with?” the employee asked, looking ready to pounce.

  “No, thank you,” Cate said. “I’m just looking for something for my husband.”

  “Any special occasion?”


  “Oh, how lovely. How many years?”

  So much for not needing any help, Cate thought. She’d known from years of working retail  during her college years that if anyone refused help, you back off and leave them alone. “Help” was simply the code word for “would you like to make small talk while you choose whatever it is you want?”

  But the employee was eager. She must have been on commission, and it wouldn’t surprise Cate, looking at the prices of some of the items. But, it was their ten-year wedding anniversary, so she had to make an effort.

  “Ten years.”

  “Wow. That’s a long time.”

  It sure is, Cate thought. Even though she’d been thinking about their ten year anniversary for weeks now, hearing that said aloud made it all the more real. Ten years… Of course, she was happily married, but even having the most amazing thing over and over could make it lose its shine. She loved pasta, for example, but if she had pasta every night for dinner, she’d be aching for something else.

  It couldn’t be helped, being a married woman, after all, so in the end they tried to spice things up with different things. Some toys here, some roleplay there. One night they even tried a sex swing, which found a home in the garage after one use, forgotten about. It reminded her of how she liked to change the living room curtains every few years. No matter how often you changed the dressing, they were still the same window panes, year after year.

  In the end, she chose a scarf made of lambswool and a pair of leather gloves. It was getting to be winter, after all, and John often complained about how cold his hands got on the commute in the morning. She chastised herself for not getting him something sexier, but with how long they had been married, he was probably lucky they weren’t giving each other toasters or oven mitts.

  He also hated to hold the handles on the train bare-handed, because he didn’t like to think about all the germs harbored there, waiting to be transferred onto a poor, unsuspecting commuter.

  She thought a little about his funny, little ways, and how they seemed to have become so much more pronounced as the years had gone by. It seemed like the hand washing was never ending, the plate inspections when emptying the dishwasher seemed to last forever, and the insistence on both of them showering after sex was becoming a little tedious.

  Gloves were perfect. Cate paid and got the items gift-wrapped. The hotel lobby was cozy and warm when she entered it, just a few minutes drive from the previous store. She checked in and realized she had plenty of time, so she ran herself a long bath, relaxing under the bubbles. It was always worth booking a nice place for their anniversary. They hadn’t tried it in a while, and last time it helped to rekindle the romance.

  And they sure needed it. Between John’s odd mannerisms and his recent reluctance to want to do anything on the weekends other than play golf, it was clear their raging fire was more like an ember. The night away would do the trick. It would get things back.

(end of sample)









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