New Release! Night Shift: A Robot Erotica Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Night Shift: A Robot Erotica Story.


Check out the summary:

The night shift isn’t so boring anymore.

Leo worked hard for his job at Needsmet, even though he’s a bit annoyed by all the secrecy and confidentially contracts. The corporate building and factory is covered with security, which just happens to be the position he applies for. Even walking up for his first shift on the job, he still doesn’t know what they manufacture there.

When he’s handed a set of keys and starts making his first rounds, he finally discovers what the product is. Rows and rows of women standing perfectly still, staring straight ahead. He spots every shape, color, and size, stacked in neat formations, ready for their new owners. Female robots, intended for enjoyment and pleasure.

He accidentally knocks one of them over, and she turns on. The longer he talks with her, the more he considers doing something…human-like with her. Something he’s never considered with a robot before. It’s not possible for him to be attracted to an android. At least that’s what he tells himself.

If you enjoy steamy stories of androids, robots, and pleasure bots, you’ll love Night Shift.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Night Shift: A Robot Erotica Story


Leo applied for the third shift security guard position on a whim. This particular Needsmet Corporation building was brand new, its exterior striking enough that he assumed the pay would be more than he’d get doing construction work or odd jobs. It wasn’t entirely clear what the company produced, but it was enough, apparently, to keep the folks up top in the black.

  “I don’t know if that’s such a good place to work,” one of the librarians had told him while he was in the midst of filling out his application on one of the public computers. She must have been incredibly bored that day because she stayed and looked through some job postings with him. If he didn’t know any better, she was flirting, which prompted a mental reminder to come back later for her phone number.

  The ride of her skirt against her thighs was his first clue. He glanced at the bunching of fabric against her skin, then looked up. “I’m sure it can’t be all that bad. It’s better than being a bear feeder wearing a bacon suit.”

  “Well, aren’t you a funny man? I need to get back, but I might come back to say hi.”

  He told himself he wasn’t going to check her out as she walked way, but he already knew he’d break his promise. The smoldering librarian was a good look for her.

  All the same, he thought he better do his research. He dug a little deeper into the company’s website, but the work seemed innocent enough. Sure, the application required him to fill out an NDA if he got the interview, but that was normal for these tech companies. He’d sign away his future firstborn for free doughnut Mondays. Anyway, it didn’t matter what he’d be protecting, so long as he got paid.

  He dug through his closet until he found an old suit he’d bought for a wedding. Considering the couple was now divorced and he hadn’t worn it since made it seem like a poor investment. She was a stripper downtown named Chandelier now, so that made the suit double-cursed. No respectable stripper would name herself after an object other than a car or paint can color. At least he’d get more use out of it today. The suit, not the stripper.

  The interviewer looked more at home in a spy movie than interviewing for a snoozer of a job. Any closer to a villain and he’d be petting a cat during the interview in a high-backed swivel chair in front of an active volcano. Leo was surprised there wasn’t a big, red button in sight to open the trapdoor under his seat if he was displeasing.

  “And why should we hire you, Leo?” the interviewer asked. “We’re a company that creates a number of delicate products, and we want to make sure our employees won’t damage them. The last person we had in this position…tried out some of the products, which is strictly prohibited.”

  “I’m good with delicate things, Camton.” Which wasn’t entirely untrue. “I was the egg toss champion three years in a row at boy scout camp. So, what sort of products would I be working with?”

  “Please, call me Cam. If you get hired on, you’ll learn more soon enough. For now, let’s just say we sell unique and high quality artificial intelligence to an exceptionally particular audience.”

  Leo scrunched his eyebrows. “You work with the government?”

  “No, not quite,” Cam said. “Now tell me about your discretion. It’s crucial that all employees know how to keep company secrets, and it’s built into every contract we sign. If I even accidentally share a whiff of what we do here, the company will own my house.”

  Leo chuckled until he realized Cam wasn’t.

(end of sample)










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