New Patreon Page! Free Stories and Have Creative Control


Hi all!

I’ve created a Patreon page.

Honestly, I’ve been thinking about starting one for a while, and certain people have been asking me for one, so I decided to go ahead and take the plunge.

If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a platform where fans can help support a creator, and in return they receive neat perks. In this case, I’m offering free stories and some creative control.


Here are some of the perks I’m offering:

  • Behind the scenes info
  • Sneak peeks on stories a month before their launch
  • Getting to decide character names in some of my stories
  • Getting to decide plots, settings, and the kinks in some of my stories
  • Access to discounted/sales/free book announcements before anyone else
  • Voting rights on which story comes next
  • Story critiques to improve the stories you write
  • Commissioned stories where you decide everything: setting, plot, kink, characters–the whole nine yards. Want to live out a fantasy? Now’s your chance.

If Patreon type stuff isn’t your thing, no problem! I’ll still write and publish yummy stories for you all like usual, and I won’t go overboard mentioning it.

People who want to read my stories without being a patron, that’s great! There’s no pressure to be anything more. It’s just something to compliment my publishing and a way to have some added fun with my superfans.

Here’s the link to the Patreon page.








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