New Release! Saving the City: A Superhero Lesbian Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Saving the City: A Superhero Lesbian Story.


Check out the summary:

Two female superheroes in skin-tight outfits will determine the future of the city. The fate of thousands of citizens is in her hands.

Eileen didn’t ask to be the leader of their group of female superheroes, but there she is at the front of the pack as her archnemesis launches an attack on the city. The villain is rumored to have the power to remove sight from anyone around her, so Eileen knows she needs to tread lightly.

But when Eileen is caught alone against the powerful–and surprisingly attractive–villain, she must think of a way to use her powers–and perhaps her feminine charm–to get out of a pinch. Backup isn’t coming to help her, so she has to get herself out of this situation. Although the challenge may turn out to be more pleasurable than she previously thought.

If you enjoy steamy stories of female superheroes and evil villains, you’ll love Saving the City


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Saving the City: A Superhero Lesbian Story


The team moved through the city with unmatched grace, coordinated in everything they did. To any outsider, they must have seemed of one mind. It wasn’t as easy as people gave them credit for. It came down to weeks of planning and pouring over maps.

  Eileen led the pack, her black hair streaming behind her, banner-like, and a silver sword gleaming at her hip. It was her face that would end up in the next day’s news, once they defeated the enemy. She was their spokesperson and their de facto leader. She didn’t ask for leadership; it had found her. Aria followed just behind her, a guitar on her back and the ability to calm tempers with just her voice.

  Beside her trailed Samantha and her dog, Cirrus, who could take to the skies and control the weather as they willed. To her other side, finally, was Victoria, whose sweet smiles and talented hands could send an enemy to the ground, either with charming flattery or with a few keenly felt hits to specific pressure points. Citizens only saw their costumes and capes, but to Eileen, they were her friends, and she thought of them that way first.

  Citizens leaned out their apartment windows as the team barreled past. They were running behind schedule, and the police car sirens seemed to taunt them by reminding them of that fact. A supervillain had made a mockery of the police department downtown, and now it was up to the superheroes to handle whatever–or whoever–attempted to disrupt the flow of their city.

  “What have you heard?” Eileen called back to Aria, who was bent over her glowing cell phone, even as she ran.

  Aria frowned. “None of our contacts at the police department are answering. They’re either too busy to get to their phones, or we’ve got a pretty big problem on our hands.”

  Eileen nodded, then turned her head to look up at Samantha. “You and Cirrus scout ahead. Make your way back before you engage and let us know who it is we’re up against.”

  “You got it,” Samantha said with a grin, offering Eileen a sharp salute. With a few pumps of her legs, she pulled ahead of the team, leaving Cirrus barking in her wake and eager to catch up.

  Eileen watched her go, nerves and determination battling for control of her stomach. They had faced a number of strange and clever enemies before, but their police contacts had never been taken out of commission all at once.

  The team rounded a corner and came to a rough stop, startled. One of the roads that led to the heart of the city was packed with stand-still traffic, though every one of the cars seemed to be empty. Their absence was as chilling as the obstacle itself. This didn’t slow Samantha at all, who coasted easily in the air above the rows of vehicles.

  “What happened here?” Eileen asked aloud, already knowing that none of her team would be able to answer.

  Still, Victoria came up to her side, a frown on her flushed face. “At least the citizens will be out of the way if there’s a battle.” She usually was the first to find a silver lining.

  “Or,” Eileen said, “this means our enemy has a whole street’s worth of hostages somewhere to hold over our head.”

  Something in Victoria’s sunny face darkened, if only for a moment. She pulled away from Eileen and returned to her spot toward the flank, staring out at the array of cars with dread and determination written into her features.

(end of sample)





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