New Poll! Offer Your Opinion on a New Erotica Project


So, I have a question for you all, and I’m hoping to gather your feedback on it. 

I’m considering starting a Patreon account that compliments the erotica stories I write. This is a separate thing from the eBooks I sell, as an optional thing for anyone who wishes to participate. It by no means changes how I publish. 

If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a place where creators can gather people who are patrons, people who financially support creators and, in return, receive unique perks and thank-yous.

So here are some of the perks I have in mind so far (to gather your feedback on). They start at $1/month and goes up, depending on the tier. If you have any suggestions on perks, please leave them in the comments below. These may not be the final version, FYI. 

-Receive one free story a month before anyone else gets to read it. You also get access to three (or ten, depending on the tier) back catalog free stories instantly.

-Receive a second free story a month (on a different tier).

-Have the ability to periodically vote on which story comes next. 

-Have the ability to name a character in one of my stories.

-Have the ability to decide the plot or an element of the plot in one of my stories, such as the setting. I’ll work with you on it to make sure I haven’t already done it before, etc. 

-(This one is for an advanced patron/donation category) Once a month, I’ll Skype with you for one hour to coach you on your erotica writing. I’ll coach, offer specific advice, gameplan marketing and launch strategies, and offer critique for your writing. I can even write-rewrite sections of your own writing for you, if you wish, within the time allotted. Writing and publishing will be the only subjects discussed (in a professional manner). No video function–chat only. Remain anonymous, if you wish.

Please express your opinion below! It’s completely anonymous and helps me out a lot.






4 thoughts on “New Poll! Offer Your Opinion on a New Erotica Project

  1. Same problem I hit when I asked for feedback, hehe. Personally,I see nothing wrong with it. Even if you were only putting it out there for donations like I’ve seen a few bloggers here do. Everyone from people writing extra content (mods) for video games to authors to starving students does it. The only caution I’d offer is be low key in letting people know it’s an option. Some people beat others to death pushing their patreon accounts. THAT is a turn off.


  2. Hi Ava,

    I think, if you were to do this, your best selling point is the “I’ll help you with your erotica.” But… since I write erotica, and there are tons of budding erotica authors out there, that’s probably why I lean that way. I’m not sure how big your fan base is… if you’re selling like “hot” cakes or… “hot wives” 😉 then maybe you’re more likely to draw the interest you’re looking for.

    I agree with Silk in that it should be a low key promotion… or maybe even a link at the beginning of your ebooks. That way, the people who need to see it are the ones who do… the ones who buy your books and would be interested in more.

    You have a ton of hot titles, and I think that you may be onto something here.

    I don’t read enough erotica to purchase it myself, if I’m honest. With a two year old and a budget, that’s not something I could justify. I assume many others might be in the same boat. But sex is a huge seller, and I think people like to feel like they are appreciated as fans. So, maybe you’ll find a small niche for this. I say go for it! If there is minimal interest and success for six months, maybe withdraw so you’re not turning off potential first-time buyers as well.

    I hope all of this didn’t make things more confusing. I wish you luck!



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