New Release! Watch and Learn: A Lesbian Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Watch and Learn: A Lesbian Story.


Check out the summary:

She learns from the best on how to be a lesbian.

When Rhia and Ashleigh go dresser shopping at a yard sale, they find the perfect piece. It’s a gaudy thing, but then, that’s to be expected when its original owner is a filmmaker.

Once they have it inside, Rhia is putting away clothes when she notices a mysterious knob inside a drawer. When she opens it, she finds a stash of lesbian independent films. The filmmaker usually makes sitcom TV shows, but apparently he has wide tastes. They assume he made them years ago, but that doesn’t stop Rhia and Ashleigh from popping one in.

It’s strange at first, but as they watch it together, they come up with the idea of playing out what they see in the movie, and this leads to a climax ending of their own.

If you enjoy first time lesbian experiences, then you’ll love Watch and Learn.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Watch and Learn: A Lesbian Story



Rhia hated doing laundry. When it came to dividing the chores in the house, she and Ashleigh had decided the fairest way of doing things was to write them all down on pieces of paper and put them into a bowl. They’d take them out, one by one, until all were spoken for.

  For the first few picks, Rhia had a pretty good deal. She only had to empty the dishwasher, instead of stacking it, and she didn’t have to take out the garbage, which she was thrilled about. But it all seemed to go wrong when she picked out cleaning the bathroom and doing the laundry, one after the other.

  Because doing laundry was more than loading the machine and switching it on. It included emptying the drier and folding the damn things, too. They didn’t have to worry about ironing, though. As far as they were concerned, nobody their age ironed anything.

  It was only as she was trying to stuff Ashleigh’s T-shirts into her overcrowded drawers that Rhia yelled out in frustration. She dumped the rest of her roommate’s clothes on the bed and hurried downstairs. Ashleigh was eating cereal and watching cartoons.

  “You’re twenty-three,” Rhia said. “Aren’t you a little old for Saturday morning cartoons? And why are you eating cereal out of a mug?”

  “Because you didn’t empty the dishwasher last night,” Ashleigh said, her mouth full of cornflakes. “There weren’t any bowls.”

  Rhia was so close to the breaking point that she had to close her eyes and squeeze that special place at the bridge of her nose just to compose herself. “So there are plenty of clean dishes, but because they’re not in the cupboard, you can’t use them?”

  “Hey, I have to vacuum and take Spot for walks every morning,” Ashleigh said. “Rules are rules.”

  “But you’re lazy,” Rhia fired back. “I’ve tried to put your clothes in your drawers but they don’t fit. Please, I’m begging you, let’s go buy you a new set of drawers.”

  “I’ll do you one better.” Ashleigh stood up from the couch, her long, slim legs tanned from the past week’s sunbathing. “Kristy’s mom is having a garage sale today, and she’s getting rid of a load of crap as part of the divorce, so I was thinking we could go down and pick up a bargain. What do you think?”

  It wasn’t a bad idea at all, Rhia conceded. They’d probably find some good deals. From what she’d heard from Kristy, their parents’ divorce was ugly, and it was only after her mom had thrown out all her dad’s designer clothes that she realized she might as well make a little money from the rest of his stuff.

  They drove down to Kristy’s house, only two miles away, and the garage sale was already in full swing. The daughter of a surgeon and a movie producer, their friend from college had certainly grown up in a house of many luxuries, and for Rhia, it was like walking around a very expensive, outdoor furniture store.

  It wasn’t long before they found the perfect item. 

(end of sample)






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