New Release! Taught a Lesson: A Sorority Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Taught a Lesson: A Sorority Story.


Check out the summary:

Violet’s on a mission to find out who’s into women.

She joined the sorority Sigma Delta only because her mom was in it when she was in college, which has turned into a tradition Violet can’t escape. Not that she minds being around a group of beautiful college students, especially considering the “experimentation” she and her female friend did growing up.

A mystery develops as she comes to find out that one of the women has been sending dirty pictures to a female user in a chatroom online. Someone else is into women in the sorority house, and Violet is determined to find out who.

She hatches a plan to find out, and it turns out to be a more pleasurable process than she imagined.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Taught a Lesson: A Sorority Story


Friday night looked like the start of just another tedious weekend for Violet. She sat there on the couch watching her pretty sorority sister housemates ready themselves for a weekend of partying. The room smelled of hairspray and perfume as they sashayed past her, half-dressed.

  “What’s the matter, Purple?” Lucy asked. “Don’t you have any plans?”

  “You know it’s Violet, and yes, I have plans. I’m going to spend a quiet evening with a friend.”

  “Awe, how quaint.” Lucy’s British accent seemed to get more and more grating each day. “Did you hear that, girls? Violet has planned a quiet evening with her friend. Which one is it? The winner of the hot dog eating contest or the fellow with the bug collection?”

  “Look, how about if you just stay out of my business and I’ll stay out of yours?”

  Lucy lowered her face level with Violet’s. “Here’s the problem, dear. Like it or not, we are sorority sisters and that means if your demeanor reflects poorly on the house, it becomes my business.”

  “So does that mean the blowjob you gave that guy in the parking lot last week is my business?”

  The room gasped in unison.

  Lucy pulled away. “Who told you that?”

  “Nobody. I saw it with my own eyes. Next time you pull something like that, you might want to pick a darker spot.”

  With her face twisted into a scowl, Lucy huffed away. Violet smiled, knowing how hard it would be for Lucy to get the last laugh now. It took quite a bit to take Lucy down a peg, and apparently she’d hit the mark.

  Caroline walked into the room, speaking in a southern drawl that was a striking difference to Lucy’s British accent. “Violet, honey. This scraggly, little thing calling herself Janie says she’s here to see you.”

  As Janie entered the room, the girls barely hid their stares. Janie’s tomboyish jeans and T-shirt contrasted with the room full of designer wear. She gave Violet a hug before sitting down. “Wow, never thought I’d see you in a sorority house, especially a famous one like this.”

  “Me neither, but my mom talked me into it. She says it’ll help my career.”

  Janie looked around with wide eyes. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but these sorority houses–aren’t they strict on who gets in?”

  Violet nodded. “Yeah. And rule number one is: when your parents are big donors to the college, most of the other rules go out the window. I’m pretty much bulletproof around here.”

  Janie laughed and shook her head. “You’ve really come up in the world.”

  “Ha. Don’t worry, I’m still the same person I always was.”

  “So tell me more about you! Do you have a boyfriend now?”

  “No, not right now. You?”

  “My boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago. So, yeah, nothing new happening for me.” She tapped Violet’s arm with a glint in her eye. “Remember how we used to do all that crazy stuff to prepare for the boyfriends we were going to have?”

  Violet’s eyebrows rose. There were more than a few times she and Janie had kissed, all in the name of practice. “Oh yeah. I mean, that was a long time ago.”

  “Aw, come on. We were just practicing. It’s not like we were lesbians or anything.”

  The room was getting warm rather quickly. “Yeah, true. I guess I was a little more prepared after.”

(end of sample)






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