New Release! Backstage Action: A Lesbian Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Backstage Action: A Lesbian Story.

Check out the summary:


Angie learns that it sometimes takes more than talent to make it in Hollywood.

Her first day on the set is both thrilling and nerve-wracking. After filming her first love scene with Justin, it leaves much to be desired. Roxanne, the take-charge director, is losing confidence in Angie’s ability to play the passionate lover.

During a break, Angie contemplates her situation. She doesn’t want her acting career to be over before it starts, so she hatches a plan. 

Seizing her chance when she finds herself alone with Roxanne, Angie decides to show the director just how passionate an actress she can be.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Backstage Action: A Lesbian Story



Angie’s first day on the set was both thrilling and nerve-wracking. She sat there in the makeup chair, gazing over the multitude of crew members and gawking at the elegant Victorian set. Looking down at her own luxurious, frilly dress, it occurred to her that she’d come a long way in only a few years of pursuing an acting career.

  The makeup artist worked on her eyes and lips like a painter putting the final touches on a masterpiece. Checking herself out in the mirror, Angie had never felt more beautiful. But the makeup artist sent her self-esteem crashing to the floor when she said, “Her skin is so pale. Is there anything we can do about that?”

  Angie started to reply. “Um…I’m sorry, that’s just my natural complexion–”

  Another crew member cut her off. “Looks like we’re stuck with that look. They can probably fix it with CGI in post.”

  A voice called out, “Actors please report to the set.”

  Three people crowded around her, each bringing their faces uncomfortably close to Angie’s, examining her as if she were a patient in surgery.

  “Well, our time’s up,” the second makeup artist said. “It’s the best we can do.”

  Angie’s heart sank. She’d received plenty of compliments about her looks, and she had moments where she believed them. But being in Hollywood raised the bar considerably and made her feel less attractive compared to the glamorous movie stars who surrounded her.

  As soon as she got to her feet, another awkward question came from yet another crew member. “Is there any way you can make yourself taller?”

  “Excuse me?” she asked.

  “Since you’re so much shorter than Justin, it causes a bit of a problem in terms of the camera angles we can use. Can you possibly stand up on your toes in this scene?”

  “Sure, I guess so.” A little stunned, Angie shuffled toward the set.

  From behind, she heard the dignified British accent of the director, Roxanne. “Looking lovely, my dear. I haven’t seen a face that stunning since the golden age of Hollywood.”

  Blushing, Angie turned. “Thank you so–”

  But the words weren’t directed at her. Roxanne was addressing Justin Rhodes, the handsome movie star who strutted onto the set. “Thanks, Rox. I’m looking forward to this script. And sorry I couldn’t show up till now.”

  “Oh, no need to apologize, my dear. I understand your commitment to the sea turtles comes before everything else.”

  Angie had to collect herself a bit after seeing Justin up close for the first time. She approached him with an extended hand. “I’m a really big fan of your work. You have no idea how excited I am to be working with you.”

  He gave her a limp handshake and grunted a hello. Turning to Roxanne, he said, “She’s really short, isn’t she?”

  “Linda Roark cancelled at the last minute,” she said. With a smile, she turned to Angie and asked, “Are you ready, dear? We’re going to start with the love scene, so I hope you are.”

  Angie wasn’t. She had a million things to think about. But she forced a smile and said, “Absolutely.”

  Roxanne nodded. “Brilliant. Let’s get started then.”

(end of sample)










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