New Release! Out of Sight: A Public Play Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Out of Sight: A Public Play Story.

Check out the summary:


What does Malina have to do to add some spice back in her marriage?

Malina’s husband, Walker, cares about two things, football and boats. So when Malina models several skimpy outfits for him, she isn’t surprised when he barely pays attention. The game is on in the background, after all.

She decides she needs something drastic to light his fire again, so with a little advice from a friend, she initiates her plan to seduce him…in public. 

A boating sales store seems like the perfect place to lure him into. Once there, they ditch the salesperson and find an interior cabin to launch some boating fun of their own.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Out of Sight: A Public Play Story



Malina emerged from the fitting room confident as hell. She knew the two-piece bikini hugged her curves in a way that was sure to garner some stares.

  She was right.

  The male assistants in the shop nearly fell over themselves to help her. “Ma’am, do you need any assistance with that?” one handsome fellow asked.

  “No, I’ll be fine,” she said. “Although I could have used a shoe horn a minute ago to stuff my cleavage into this top.”

  The assistant tried to keep his gaze above her bust line with mixed success. “Um…yes, I can see that–I mean, I know what you mean.”

  “Thanks for stopping over.”

  “Well, I’ll be right over there behind the counter if you need anything.”

  “I’ll keep that in mind.”

  He leaned forward, clearly trying to gather his courage. “And I mean anything. In fact, maybe I should get your number in case you have some needs I can’t take care of here in the store.”

  She gave him a patient smile. “I appreciate the flattery, but I don’t think my husband would.”

  “Oh, sorry. I didn’t know–”

  “That’s okay.”

  After she changed back, her friend Jill had to cover her mouth to hold back the laughter. “Honey, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

  “Why? What’s wrong with a little harmless flirting?”

  “There’s nothing harmless about the way you do it. You have a way of crushing a young man’s ego.”

  “Serves him right for hitting on a married lady. Besides, it’s about the only chance I get to flirt these days.”

  Jill’s eyebrows lifted. “Uh-oh. Trouble in paradise? I always thought things were going well between you and Walker.”

  Malina took a seat and unloaded a sigh. “I guess you could say things are fine. I mean, we’re not fighting or anything.”

  “But I take it you’re not doing…other things either.”

  “Exactly. And it doesn’t make sense. It’s not like we’re some middle-aged couple who’s been married for thirty years. But it sure feels like it.”

  “It’s perfectly normal. George and I have been together for ten years, and well…we’re not exactly tearing up the sheets every single night.”

  Malina crossed her arms. “Ten years, huh? Is that what I have to look forward to?”

  “Well, after a few years of marriage, one has to find creative ways to get her husband’s attention. Like what I’m going to try tonight when we’re out to dinner. I’ll tell him I have a secret for him in the glove compartment.”

  “What’s the secret?”

  With a playful smile, Jill lifted a lace teddy on a hanger. “Here it is. If this doesn’t get him excited, nothing will.”

  “I have no doubt it’ll work.”

  “Thanks. I’ll let you know how things go.”

  Malina left the store with her own purchase, her head dancing with naughty plans of her own. Jill wasn’t the only one to have ideas.

(end of sample)










6 thoughts on “New Release! Out of Sight: A Public Play Story

  1. The teaser is appealing. I have admired your work from afar. I think it’s time to dig in to it a bit more. Thank you for your interest in mine. Reciprocity is a hand job, and a mouthful…that was a slip of the tongue ;).


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