New Release! In All the Right Places: An Erotic Massage Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: In All the Right Places: An Erotic Massage Story.

Check out the summary:


Melanie’s life seriously needed a makeover.

Even she would admit that in her college days, she wasn’t living up to her potential. Then she met Cassie, her new college roommate. Cassie was determined to give Melanie an image boost. College was certainly a lot more fun after that. Cassie even dared Melanie to flirt her way to a hot date.

Years later, Melanie isn’t where she wants to be in life. She’s a massage therapist in a boring small town. Cassie swoops in, taking a break from her glamorous life working throughout Europe, with only enough time to have lunch and dare Melanie to flirt her way to another date.

Melanie is too shy this time, so she books a massage appointment with the guy instead. Disappointed with herself, she decides to turn up the heat at the massage appointment. It’s about to be that guy’s lucky day.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


In All the Right Places: An Erotic Massage Story



Melanie’s new job was boring. Being a massage therapist for a bunch of grumpy, old men was the worst. She mostly worked while they complained about their wives and how much they were looking forward to retirement.

  Friday was a typical day. Working on Mr. Tate’s lower back only reminded her how drab her life had become. Lousy job, no boyfriend, and a crappy apartment. But out of the blue, Mr. Tate said something that snagged her attention. “By the way, my granddaughter Cassie says hello.”

  Melanie blinked. “Cassie?”

  He nodded as best he could with his face in the head-hole. “I showed her the card you gave me and she recognized your name. She used to be your college roommate, right?”

  “Yeah, that’s right.” Just hearing the name sent Melanie spiraling back to her college days and how they had changed forever after she met her wild, adventurous roommate.

  Melanie had always been a nerd, a shy, mousy girl who spent her life hiding behind thick-rimmed glasses and baggy clothes. But within minutes of meeting her, Cassie made it her mission to give Melanie a full makeover.

  One conversation stayed in Melanie’s memory forever. The girls were having lunch in the cafeteria, giggling about the handsome boys seated nearby. Cassie whispered to her, “You like that guy?”

  “Are you kidding? That’s Cory Jamison. He’s so…everything.”

  “I want you to get a date with him this weekend.”

  “Are you crazy? He doesn’t even know me. And I could never just walk up to a guy and ask him out.”

  “You don’t have to. Just give him a smile and a touch on the arm and he’ll do the asking.”

  “I don’t know. Sounds risky.”

  “Melanie, life is risky. Everything worth having is risky. Don’t just sit back and wish for what you want. Take it.”

  Emboldened by her roommate’s words, Melanie edged over to Cory and introduced herself. Just as Cassie predicted, she only needed to encourage him with a little flirting. Her clothes also helped–short skirt and a low-cut blouse–more likely to get a guy’s attention.

  After setting a time for him to pick her up, Melanie returned to her seat next to Cassie and let out a long exhale. “Oh my God. I’m actually going out with Cory Jamison. I couldn’t have done it without your help.”

  Cassie replied with a shrug. “A good teacher is nothing without a good student.”

  But the girls went their separate ways after college, with Cassie taking an internship at a fashion boutique in Paris. Bouncing all over Europe, she was hard to keep in touch with and they hadn’t spoken in years.

  Melanie reflected on her crazy life as a college student and how it was all made possible by having Cassie as a roommate. Which brought her back to how boring her life had become. She needed Cassie’s brave hand to guide her. And when she didn’t have it, her life returned to the monotony it once was.

  She reluctantly returned back to the present. “So…Cassie’s back in the states now?”

  “She’s just visiting for the weekend, then on her way back to Italy. As a matter of fact, she’s picking me up after my message. She told me she can’t wait to see you.”

(end of sample)






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