New Release! On the Prowl: A Cougar Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: On the Prowl: A Cougar Story.

Check out the summary:


Patty has never tried being a cougar before, but tonight feels like a good time to start.

The only bad thing about having summers off is the boredom. She loves being a professor, but the months off can seem to go on forever. Her new housemate Rhonda, acquired after Patty’s divorce, provides some entertainment by bringing home male eye candy from her nights out at the club. Patty can’t help but feel a little jealous.

Patty could attract a younger man if she wants to. Just last semester, a college student named Kenny gave her his number, but he was too shy to follow it up with asking her out. If there’s anything Patty’s learned that summer, it’s that she can’t always wait on someone else to make the first move.

She calls Kenny and invites him over. It’s time for Patty to take what she wants.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


On the Prowl: A Cougar Story



Patty lounged across her living room couch, flipping through the channels, bracing herself for an uneventful summer. The air conditioning humming in the background hid her sigh.

  After a stressful school year, Patty had been happy when June arrived. No more pain-in-the-ass students and no more early mornings. No more long drives to work. The only problem from June to September was keeping herself occupied without losing her mind. Renting out her guest room on a booking website seemed like a good way to make some extra cash along with a new friend in the process. But five minutes into her TV show, it looked like things wouldn’t be that easy.

  It started with a loud bang against the wall. What the hell is that? she wondered. But when a deep moan followed seconds later, she didn’t have to wonder long. Her younger roommate, Rhonda, had company. And she was in the midst of a fun-filled evening. Again.

  It didn’t take long after meeting her to realize their paths didn’t cross much. Mostly Rhonda drifted in and out of the house clad in skin-tight shorts, skirts, and tiny tops. And oftentimes, she’d either come home with someone new or not come home at all.

  In the week since Rhonda had moved in, Patty had lost a great deal of sleep. And that night seemed like another loud one. But something about the moans and groans on the wall’s other side hit her differently. The man’s voice had a certain youth to it that caught her attention.

  Things were said that should only be done in a whisper near a lover’s ear. She listened longer as both voices threaded into a spirited duet. It sounded like Rhonda was thoroughly enjoying herself. Penny thought about how long it had been since she was with a man. Three years. Three long years since her divorce.

  As she recalled the sensation of her ex’s hands around her waist, tugging her closer into kiss after breathless kiss, it occurred to her that she could’ve pursued the passions of a younger man if she wanted to. Being a literature teacher at a community college meant there was always an ample supply of them. Many of them handsome, strong, and horny, capable of doing to her what happened often to Rhonda.

  Occasionally, one of the young men in her class would hit on her. They’d awkwardly approach her with the skills and charm of a sea cucumber, trying lame come-ons, one-liners, and invitations to some silly bar or nightclub. Patty had turned them down every time.

  Even if she’d found one of them attractive, it would still feel sleazy. Above all else, sleeping with a student was unethical. But as Rhonda’s throaty moans filled the nighttime air, Patty felt her ethics slip a little. Especially when she thought about Kenny.

  In addition to boasting a tall, muscular build, Kenny was more mature than the rest. He’d read a few books in his life–and not just the ones assigned by professors. The last moment the two of them had shared together remained etched in Patty’s mind.

  “Miss Beverly?” he’d asked, slipping into her empty classroom.

  “Kenny? What are you doing here?”

  He had shuffled forward, pulling his eyes up from the ground. “I just figured since your class is over and I won’t be seeing you anymore, I should give you this.” He handed over a book.

  Patty gasped. “An original copy of a Hemingway? Farewell to Arms? Where did you find this?”

  “My dad gave it to me. But I figured you’d appreciate it more. And you taught me everything I know about literature.”

  Patty couldn’t stop grinning. She certainly didn’t feel her age, feeling her pulse pick up the same way it did when the eyes of a guy she liked smiled at her. She stared deeply into his eyes, wondering what she might say if he found the courage to ask her on a date.

  Maybe she’d have broken her only rule regarding students. But it didn’t matter anyway. Kenny had been too shy for a clear-cut proposal. After an uneasy wave, he’d left the room. But there was a surprise in the book. A phone number.

(end of sample)










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