7 Ways to be Physically Affectionate…Aside From Sex


Sometimes, romantic couples can get in a “romantic rut,” where your physical interaction feels like it’s on replay. Scientists have found that positive physical touch helps us stay healthy and emotionally well-balanced, but when your physical interactions get repetitive, they lose some of their meaning and significance.


So here’s a list of 7 ways to be physically affectionate outside the bedroom.


Sitting Close. From snuggling to just picking a spot near each other, being intentional about where you are in relation to your partner can quietly speak volumes.


Holding Hands. Sometimes, it’s the littlest things that can make the most difference. When you’re together, walking, driving, or just sitting together, holding hands can say a lot.


Embrace. This is an obvious but overlooked one. Just drawing your partner close to you and wrapping your arms around them doesn’t have to be “because of anything.” It can just mean “I love you.”


Kissing. Again, basic, but still significant. They don’t have to be long and drawn out or go anywhere, and you don’t have to kiss on the lips. There’s the forehead, top of head, palm or back of the hand, neck, cheek, tip of the nose…try mixing it up and surprise your partner.


Backrubs. This involves a little work for one of you, but few things say “I care” more than taking care of your partner’s tight muscles in the form of a backrub. Your partner is guaranteed to not turn it down.


Customized Touching. This requires communication and understanding your partner, but chances are, he or she has non-sexual preferences where touch is concerned. Maybe she loves to have her hair brushed. Maybe he likes his temples massaged. Finding out these personal “quirks” lets you show your love for your partner in a very personal way.


Acts of Love. This may not require a lot of touch, but they can be signs of physical affection all the same. Whether doing your partner’s nails or getting him or her a cup of tea or coffee, doing the laundry, or running errands, what you do can be a physical gesture of affection.








12 thoughts on “7 Ways to be Physically Affectionate…Aside From Sex

  1. Gosh, I take all of these things as standard both give and take. I don’t always get all of it like having a cup of tea made because the scenario may be wrong but I expect and need everything else as a given. I couldn’t cope in a relationship that didn’t have these things.


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