New Release! Moving In: A Lesbian Story


It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Moving In: A Lesbian Story.

Check out the summary:


Courtney wants a roommate. What she gets is far more than that. 

Transferring from a community college to a university, Courtney’s hoping to make new friends. She’s been plagued with shyness all her life, and she’s looking forward to expanding her circle.

When she meets her new roommate, Becca, they hit it off well. More than well, in fact. During a party, Becca pretends to be Courtney’s girlfriend to ward off an annoying guy, which only sends Courtney into a tailspin of hopes and desires.

The next day, they watch a movie on the couch and talk about what happened that night, although they won’t be relaxing for long.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Moving In: A Lesbian Story



As Courtney entered room 401 for the first time, she saw the backside of a girl leaning over a box. She wanted to make sure she was in the right room, so she knocked lightly on the door frame and the girl spun around. She had beautiful red hair that tumbled down her back in waves. Her face was pale with a few freckles peppered across it. Once she noticed Courtney, she turned her head and smiled.

  “Are you Becca?” Courtney asked.

  “Yeah. You must be Courtney.”

  Nodding her head, Courtney entered the room. Half the dorm was covered in boxes and bags that were in various stages of being unpacked. The other side was clean and empty. Courtney placed the box she was carrying down onto the desk.

  Becca stuck her hand out. “It’s nice to meet you.”

  “Thanks. You too.”

  “You’re a transfer, right?” Becca asked.

  “Yeah, from community college.”

  “Nice. So I’m assuming you’re a junior?”

  Courtney fidgeted with her hair. “Yeah, I am. What about you?”

  “Senior. Been here all four years. Well, here at the college anyway. They’re doing renovations to my old dorm house, so I had to relocate for the last year.”

  Becca moved about the room as she spoke, continuing to unpack her stuff and hang up clothing. Courtney stood still, watching Becca. She was struck by how beautiful she was. She felt the urge to tell her, but she didn’t want to weird her out within minutes of meeting her.

  After bringing up the rest of her things, the girls unpacked their stuff in unison as they got to know each other.

  “I can’t believe you did that to his car,” Courtney said. She had to hold her stomach as she laughed at Becca’s story.

  “He deserved it,” Becca said. “Should’ve given me an A in the class. Totally justified.”

  The girls laughed together. Courtney couldn’t believe how easy Becca was to talk to. She normally never got along this well with people, as she generally kept to herself most of the time. That was one motivation to transfer for her last two years of school, to push herself to open up to people and meet new friends.

  “I feel like I’m a freshman all over again,” Courtney said. She flattened out her bed sheet over the mattress but had trouble securing it. Becca came over to help her, standing rather close.

  “I’m sure you probably feel super nervous, but you’re definitely not a freshman. You’re just new to the school. Besides, you’ve got me now.” Becca placed her hand on Courtney’s shoulder. A wave of electricity shot through Courtney’s body at the touch, but she laughed it off.

  “Thanks, I appreciate that.” She walked over to her desk to shake off the sensation. She didn’t want to acknowledge the attraction she felt for Becca before she knew her better. I’m not going to push away the first chance at a friend here, she thought.

  “Speaking of that,” Becca said, hanging up the last of her clothes. “I’m throwing a getting-to-know-you party tomorrow night for the dorm building. You’re obviously going to be there. I think it’ll be a great way for you to meet people.”

  “How are you throwing a party already?” Courtney asked.

  Becca laughed. “I’m the head of a bunch of clubs around campus, so it’s easy for me to set stuff up. Besides, I like to make sure people know who they’re living with. And it’s a great way for people to connect.” Becca poked Courtney’s side, and Courtney turned her head, shying away from the touch yet again. Not that she wanted to.

(end of sample)






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