6 Tips to Celebrate Your Relationship


Celebrations are a part of life and have an extra special place in romances. Whether it’s an anniversary or just another day with your special someone, here are some ideas on how to celebrate successfully.


  • Start a Tradition. No matter how long you’ve been together, you can always start a new tradition—whether you choose to write each other a letter, go out for dinner, or just revisit an old memory through your movie collection, pictures, or home videos. And it doesn’t have to be a yearly thing. You can celebrate once a week, a month, or a season.
  • Don’t Forget Your Partner. If you and your partner have very different tastes, you might be able to show your love by picking something he or she likes, even if it’s something you don’t care as much about. Whatever you do, you don’t want the celebration to make your partner feel like “a third wheel,” where he’s hanging around while you and your hobby or passion are in the spotlight together.
  • Be Flexible. Not every celebration is going to come together perfectly. The weather might fail to cooperate. The show might be canceled, the restaurant might be behind schedule, a reservation could be lost, and you have to be ready to take things in stride. After all, which is better? Being able to recall the celebration as an adventure-in-progress or as the night you blew up and lost your cool?
  • Make New Memories. When celebrating, don’t get so caught up in the moment that you forget to commemorate it. Take pictures or videos and find a few keepsakes along the way: scribbles on a napkin, a bow off a package, the cork from a bottle of wine. You can always use these in a future celebration—turning them into works of art or decorations for your home.
  • Focus on Your Partner. Nothing’s worse than a celebration where one spends more time behind a camera. It’s a balance, but ultimately, the mementos should be an afterthought…a way to remember the great time you’re having, not the only thing that’s going on.
  • Keep It about You…as a Couple. It doesn’t matter how other people have celebrated their relationships in the past—your parents, your friends, or even celebrities. You’re celebrating you and your partner, so you should do something that reflects who you both are. If you don’t like the “designated category” or expected sort of celebration, find something you do like. Go to a convention, an art show, a camping trip, or a festival. Think outside the box and make sure your celebration is as much an expression of who you are as a couple as everything else in your life.






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