Poll: Robot Erotica – Like or Dislike?

Hi everyone! I’m curious what people think about robot erotica. I’m curious on your thoughts about the different genders in these sort of stories. Please give you opinion on them, as I’m thinking of experimenting with that erotica genre.

Please note that your votes are completely anonymous. This is a judgement free zone. Please scroll down to see all the questions.



Thanks for your answers! I hope you enjoy the results.






8 thoughts on “Poll: Robot Erotica – Like or Dislike?

  1. Pretty similar to blowup love. A guy I knew who the courts sent prisoners to rehab told a group of criminals bailed out to him to stop internet dating whilst in state ordered rehab to save money keeping them in jail. He told them to invest in a blowup and get to meetings… meetings… meetings.
    No surprise several were bragging after when the D&A counselor got 6-9 for implausible charges many still can’t believe. No one really knows because the trial was railroaded behind closed doors and he was not allowed to even speak for himself in front of jury of 11 women where drug affected witnesses gave evidence by video. His own legal aid had no idea of their clients marital history.


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