New Release! She’s the Boss



It’s out! My newest erotica ebook is available: She’s the Boss.


Check out the summary:

Kylie discovers that she likes to take charge in the bedroom as well as the board room.

Struggling to keep her magazine company in business and recovering from a recent breakup, she feels high strung. And on top of that, she can’t stop staring at Nick, her magazine’s graphic designer. With the two of them left alone one night at the office, she decides to find out just how well he can take directions.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


She’s the Boss



Kylie could barely concentrate. Between a to-do list a mile long and the next issue’s deadline looming, she had quickly become overwhelmed. The fact she hadn’t gotten laid in two months, as one could imagine, wasn’t helping. After her long-time boyfriend, Rob, left–upset with her being a complete and utter workaholic–she didn’t have the time to start dating again.

  There was only one thing that mattered most in life right now–her job. She was beginning to regret starting this magazine, even if it had been her life’s dream. The last issue had sold abysmally. The current issue hadn’t quite found enough advertisers, leaving Kylie to dip into her own savings to keep the magazine afloat.

  “Meeting in five,” said a voice accompanied with a streak of blonde hair. Sharon, her assistant, had popped her head in the door.

  Kylie sighed and gathered her legal pad. The morning had already gotten away from her. She reached down, slipped her heels back on, and headed toward the meeting.

  The room smelled of stale coffee and pastries. The conference table was only half full. Differences in the direction of the magazine had caused a few to leave, as well as having to let two go, and a couple others were currently on vacation. Kylie took a seat at the head of the oval table and surveyed what was left of her company.

  It wasn’t much, but their loyalty meant a lot. She opened her leather folder and clicked the end of her pen. Then he entered. Nick Wilson, the magazine’s graphic designer. A crisp oxford shirt was tucked into khakis. From his neck hung a blue, silk tie. His hair was cropped short. She briefly recalled something on his resume about the military. It explained why he always paid close attention to his appearance.

  Gorgeous, hazel eyes stared back at her; he’d met her gaze. He couldn’t be older than his early thirties. She easily had ten years on him, and something about that was wholly intoxicating. Dark, russet hair was offset nicely against his pale skin. His body was built, but lean. Broad shoulders tapered down into a trim waist.

  She had to cross her legs and squeeze her thighs to abate the ache growing between them. Lusting after an employee was definitely not the proper thing to do. She had a meeting to pay attention to.

(end of sample)





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