New Release! Better With Three



It’s out! My newest erotica ebook is available: Better With Three.


Check out the summary:

There’s no third wheel in this threesome.

Arya finds it hard to stay awake during the late shift at the steakhouse she works at, so Janette, the hostess, keeps her company. The idea of a threesome with one of the male customers starts as a joke, but ends as a reality.

This is Arya’s first threesome, and she’s nervous about how it’ll go. Thankfully, she has Janette’s guiding hand to end the night with a bang.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Better With Three



The closing shift at Valquerro Roadhouse was always boring. And that was putting it nicely. Arya had only been on staff for two months and she’d already gotten used to the mind-numbing boredom that hit after the clock passed ten at night. The roadhouse’s weekend hours kept the staff late into the night, and the amount of side work they all had to do meant that many of them stayed well past closing.

  Arya glanced at the clock, then back to her pile of freshly rolled silverware. It was still small, but she had another two hours to go before her shift finished. Her section had been empty for the better part of the past hour, and without anything else to do, she was in no hurry to move. The other servers grimaced at her as they walked past, some with more silverware and others with plates of food.

  “Right this way.”

  Arya resisted the urge to groan. Janette, the roadhouse’s too-perky hostess with a penchant for caffeine, glanced at her as she led a party of three men into Arya’s section. Arya glanced at them out of the corner of her eye, sizing them up. They looked young, all of them, but not too much younger than her. That, at least, was a plus.

  “You gonna be alright?”

  Ayra jumped. Janette, free of menus and men, tilted her head as she waited for an answer.

  “I’ll be fine,” Arya said. She glanced at the men again. “If I flirt with them enough, they’ll probably tip well.”

  Janette laughed. “Alright. Have fun, honey.” She waved as she walked away, bouncing back toward the front of the house.

  Arya rolled one last bunch of silverware before standing and making her way over to the table.

  “Evening, gents,” she said, pasting on her customer smile. “My name is Arya, and I’ll be your server tonight. Do you want to get started with some drinks?”

  Taking orders was routine by this point. Arya made affirmative noises while scribbling shorthand down onto her order pad. When she stepped back to leave, one of the men reached out to touch her arm.

  “You said your name is Arya, right?” he asked with a smile.

  Arya nodded.

  “I’m Bryan. This is Kurt and Gary.”

  Kurt rolled his eyes and leaned toward Arya. “Ignore him. The man turns twenty-six and thinks he’s suddenly a charmer.”

  “It’s your birthday?” Arya asked, looking back to Bryan. Kurt’s criticism seemed to fluster him a bit, but he relaxed with her attention back on him. He nodded but didn’t respond.

  “Well, I’ll see if we can find a way to celebrate that.”

(end of sample)








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  1. Congrats on your new release and thanks for stopping by our blog The Pink Fuzzy Slippers Writers. Drop by anytime. I’ll also check out your blog now & again. Your covers are pretty awesome. I’ve written a little erotic romance.


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