10 Ideas For Cheap Dates



Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, who doesn’t like new date ideas? There’s only so many times one can have the same, old dinner date. If your purse strings are tight, there are all sorts of ideas to consider. Here are ten of them that are light on the wallet and heavy on the fun.



I remember a few years ago when a guy offered for us to volunteer at an animal shelter for a fifth date. At the time, I remember thinking he was crazy, but it was actually a lot of fun. I don’t know if we got the rare, easy ticket, but it was mostly dog walking and playing with the animals. It showed a different side of him I hadn’t seen before, too.


Home spa

What girl doesn’t like to get a massage? A few candles, some bubblebath, and massage oils are relatively inexpensive and can be a great way to get to know each other through touch. Play some relaxing music and make a night of it. Just make sure to get plenty of rest the night before so you don’t fall asleep during your massage. I do that all the time.


Under the stars

Pack a picnic and lay out under the stars. It’s the relaxing version of dinner and a show. These days, you can even download an app to track the stars and plot out the constellations. Test your memory by quizzing each other on the names.


Attend a reading

If you’re not careful, these can be a little dry, but if you find a subject matter you both enjoy, this could be a lot of fun and likely free. Whether it’s poetry or fiction reading, you can get to know just how cultured he is.


Go bowling

Don’t look at me that way. Bowling is fun. Sure, the floor is sticky and the walls smell like hotdogs, but there’s a lot of charm in trying to beat each other’s score. Just don’t try to worry about how good you look in those shoes. It’s just not possible.


Go paddling

Venture out on the water with a cooler of drinks. If you don’t have any watercraft like most people, rentals are relatively inexpensive, and it’s an easy way to “make a day of it.”


Visit a carnival

There’s nostalgia in a carnival. It’s fun to compete in those impossible ticketed games, and he always feels like a big man when he wins you a stuffed animal. For bonus points, steal a kiss on the Ferris wheel (originally invented by George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. in 1893–fun fact of the day).


Take a cookie factory tour

This is actually a thing. A real thing. To be honest, I haven’t done this one yet, but I came across it in my research for this post. I promise you this, I will be doing this very soon. Mixing chocolate and dating sounds like an opportunity I refuse to pass up.


Watch a foreign film

It can be fun to rent a foreign film in a language neither of you understand and inject your own dialogue into it. Make sure it’s one of those really campy ones where you don’t feel bad by making fun of it.


Fruit picking

You might ask yourself why you’re paying to do the work, but for a few dollars, you can have a fun afternoon picking fruit at a local orchard. If you check online, many of them have this set up, where they give you a basket to pick the apples and give you the cider made from your pickings at the end.






8 thoughts on “10 Ideas For Cheap Dates

  1. Great ideas! I especially like the volunteering one 🙂 It’s always nice going on a date with someone you know feels passionate about the same things as you.

    I may possibly be having a date soon so I think I’m gonna give the foreign movie idea a try 😛 It sounds funny!

    Oh and I went to a poetry reading with an ex boyfriend once and it was a fantastic date. We even got free drinks if I remember correctly!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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