The 5 Most Romantic Things About Fall Dating

Fall leaves


There is joy to be found in dating no matter the season, but what time of year is more romantic than autumn? If you’re someone who’s looking for love this time of year, let’s reflect on what makes the fall so romantic.


The trees changing color

This is a big one for me, as I love watching the trees change color. The one thing people who live in the tropics miss out on are those vibrant colors. Just yesterday, I took a picture of a tree where the top was red and the bottom still bright green.

A great idea for an autumn date is to walk in the park and take in the sights. It’s a good excuse to walk hand-in-hand, perhaps for the first time.


You can test him out

The holidays are coming up, and this period of time is perfect to test him out before the opportunity arises to introduce him to your parents. If we have that special someone ready, it’s great to introduce him to family, and this is the time to give him a test drive before that big event.


Hollowing costumes

If you’re into celebrating Halloween, the two of you can make a fun date out of wearing Halloween costumes. Hell, it could be a date to make them together. He may even let you pull off that Popeye and Olive Oyl costume you’ve been dreaming of.


Football games

Although I have no idea what the rules are for the sport, going to a football game for a date can be fun for you and him. He’s likely going to enjoy it, and it’s a great time to wear a cute outfit so he can show you off.



And my all-time favorite part of the season is being able to bundle up by the heater or fireplace and watch a good movie. Maybe even a romantic comedy if I can get away with it.  ; )







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