7 Ways to Know You’re in Love



Love is a truly amazing thing that changes you. I don’t just mean symbolically or logistically, but even chemically. It’s a high that creates some of the same chemical reactions in your brain that drugs do, only not quite as addicting.

You find yourself doing and saying things that you wouldn’t normally, and it creates an incredible bond. Here are seven ways to tell if you are truly in love.


Your partner comes first

In my opinion, the most beautiful sign of love is selflessness. When you think of your partner more than yourself, in matters ranging from safety to comfort, it shows that the feelings you feel go beyond like or lust.


You feel the effects

Highs, lows, quick pulse, separation anxiety, excitement, and butterflies are merely some of the effects you’ll feel when in love. Take care not to continue to rely on these factors as a gauge on whether you are still in love, as infatuation usually wears off, but it is replaced with a more calm, steady feeling of love.


Wanting to be together more often

As someone who has experienced long-distance dating, I wanted to be closer to the person I was dating. Although you may never have experienced long-distance, you could still feel the desire to want to be around that person all the time. S/he makes you feel good, complemented, and sexy. Why not want to be around that person more often, no matter the level it currently is.


You want to impress him/her

It may be the outfit you pick out, or wanting to one-up the other with an amazing birthday or anniversary gift, but if you’re truly in love, you’ll likely want to impress that person. Maybe it’s because you want to prove to him/her that you are a valuable match.


You want to be exclusive

It’s only natural that when you find someone special, someone you have that connection with, you want to be the only person to experience that kind of love from your partner.


You forget your ex’s

When you’re with someone truly special, everyone else before him/her simply melts away. They just don’t compare.


You recognize that your partner is special

If you think about dating like an interview, only one person can get the job, so there’s competition. No matter who you are, if you look long enough, you’ll find more than one person who wants to be with you. Sure, your partner isn’t perfect and never will be, but recognizing overall how special s/he is will show you that you made the right choice.









9 thoughts on “7 Ways to Know You’re in Love

  1. This post is the truest thing i have read today. i have experienced every single one of these and i hadn’t realised it until i just read your post. Unfortunately in my case, it didn’t work out, long distance rarely does, but the Wanting to impress her is the one that jumped out at me the most. That’s why i started writing in the first place.


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