Guys, Don’t Do These 6 Things on Your Dating Profile



Internet dating is alive and well these days. According to eHarmony Australia’s 2015 relationship study, 22% of those surveyed said they met their current partner online, only 2% less than the method of meeting through mutual friends.

But online dating can be complicated, especially if someone is doing it for the first time. Here are 6 tips on creating the ideal male dating profile.


Post a picture

This is pretty basic. Sometimes a woman might leave out a photo just to get a lay of the land first, but there’s really no reason why a guy should. Your responses will pretty much be zero to any messages you send on that account.


Camera from above

Have you ever noticed that many female selfie pictures are angled looking down? That’s because women are smart. That’s the angle that will complement almost all body types the most. It makes the user look slightly thinner. When you take that picture, consider that as putting your best foot forward.


Keep the baggage out

When you create the profile section, don’t mention the past, unless it’s about your education or maybe that cool brewing business you started and abandoned in your garage years ago. Nobody wants to hear about your failed relationships on a dating profile. Women want to hear about your future, possibly with them in it.


Go solo

Make sure to be the only one in your picture. If you’re in a group of guys, especially if there’s one more attractive than you, it won’t complement you. And for God’s sake, make sure there’s not a female in your profile picture. No woman will respond to you.


Leave out the skin

Whether in regards to your profile picture or the pictures you send in initial messages, leave out the ones where you show off your abs or other supposedly impressive parts of your body. Nothing turns me off more than a random male anatomy pic sent to me online. I’ve never seen one of those and thought to myself how I’ve GOT to get to know the man on the other end of that. A woman likes the man first, and then possibly moves on to those…other areas.


Be honest

Just be honest, guys. A lot of women will respect someone who’s comfortable in his own skin. Let us know what we’re getting into. It’s one thing to highlight your positives to make a good first impression, but it doesn’t do anyone any good to hide the blemishes. Be you. Someone will love you for it.






10 thoughts on “Guys, Don’t Do These 6 Things on Your Dating Profile

  1. I’m confused about the title vs. the main points. I think you mean a guy should post a picture, of a certain POV, etc. The title says 6 things that shouldn’t be done. I think it would be six tips for guys & their dating profiles.

    Also, showing some abs or not is highly subjective to taste. I know women who rate a guy on his physical attributes & won’t respond to his profile if he is below a certain expected level. So some guys go through great efforts to show off their assets for those kind of women. Maybe this is shallow, but “birds of a feather…”

    Good tips on pics.

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  2. Guys, if you do post a pic with your shirt off, you had better be close to Mr America. Fortunately, most women are not that shallow. They want to know what YOU are looking for. If you just want a hookup, or short term relationship, make it clear. You may get more women with a line about looking for :the one” but you’ll end up being an asshole

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