The 5 Things Men Want to Know in the First Month of Dating



They say all’s fair in love and war. It’s a jungle out there when it comes to dating, and it’s not a stretch to say the whole process is an interview. Both parties want to know certain things about each other in order to go further.

Yes, this article is geared toward men and their statistics, but this could easily be what anyone wants to learn about the other in the first month of dating.



I was surprised. Some data shows that a higher percentage of men want to define exclusivity within the first few dates than women. This is an important topic that will come up before long.



It’s a big decision on whether or not to have children. Especially these days, it’s perfectly acceptable for someone not to want to bear children, but statistics show that men want to know within the first 3 weeks. If someone doesn’t want to have kids (and if they do), they don’t want to waste their time.


Unusual traits

Do you have an unusual fetish, virgin status, terms of sexuality, etc.? Men want to know this, depending on which of the above, between 1-5 dates.


Other people

On whether you’re seeing other people, this should be discussed on the first date, or if not that, the second for sure. 12% more men than women want to know this on the first date.


Past relationships

Bringing us to the month mark, men want to know about the date’s past relationships and recent breakups. It’s pretty even on gender for this one.


So there you have it. There are five important topics that should be brought up within the first month of dating. If any of those make you nervous, try to add a little bit of humor in your approach.







9 thoughts on “The 5 Things Men Want to Know in the First Month of Dating

      1. it’s amazing when no questions are asked at all about anything what people feel is so important to say or to divulge. when questions ARE asked, my sense is that some sort of distortion is bound to take place because the tool (the question) is bound to somehow move or distort the object (the answer). say nothing and you’ll find out about every balloon ride, plane crash, and all the helicopter pilots you need ever know about ;0


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