5 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms



A lot of women have done it. I’ll refrain from using the word “most.”

Through a range of reasons, women have faked orgasms. Men have too, but at a much less frequency. Interestingly enough, a study found that one in three men admit to faking orgasms. So, if you think your man is immune, perhaps think again. That might be a blog post for a different time.

Seven out of ten women admit to having faked an orgasm. Here are some reasons why.


It takes too long

When I read about this statistic, I scratched my head a little bit. You would think that long sex (or rather, men lasting long enough for long sex) would be the bee’s knees, but I can see where those women are coming from. If you’re not in the right mindset, it can seem a lot longer.


A new partner

Some women say they fake orgasms because their partner is new and they don’t know how to satisfy them yet. In my experience, men are fairly straightforward in this regard.


Too much drink

Another reason could be drinking too much. I’m sure you’ve heard of colorful terms of men who have difficulty with an erection after drinking too much. For women, it’s not quite that things don’t work down there, it’s just that certain sensations are dulled.


Sex is boring

Sorry guys, but sometimes sex with some of you is boring. I hate to break it to you. Women can and do think about things during sex. Mind wanderings. Things that don’t have to do with sex. Such as her grocery list and how she forgot to cancel her dental appointment.


She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings

In a way, these are beautiful intentions. She loves you, or at least likes to tolerate you, and she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Often times, men have a bit of an ego, and I’m sure you can imagine how that sort of frank conversation would go over. Perhaps honesty is the best policy, though, which I’ll leave you to consider.


Whether right or wrong, the most interesting statistic is that for both men and women, the likelihood of faked orgasms goes up in a long-term relationship. So try to change things up and keep the communication going. Good communication results in good lovemaking.







24 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms

    1. Love this answer! It IS a lot of work to fake it. Did it twice, and was like, “Um…sweetie, we need to talk!” 😄

      If I’m going to be exhausted, I should get something out of it! 😉

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      1. I have only been with two partners ànd the first was just so bad at everything. You think me saying”owww’ would have tipped him off, but alas, he was dense. I finally just avoided any chance of having sex with him because it was just not worth it.

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  1. I suspect the most common reason many women fake orgasm is too “embarrassing” to admit: to hide female sexual dysfunction. There is good reason to believe that “inhibition” in childhood causes atrophy of the relative brain area that controls clitoral function, leading to reduced sensitivity and loss of the capacity for clitoral erection. I’ve researched and written about this topic in several posts. Click on my username sexhysteria and search the keywords: clitoral erection and healthy sexual function.


  2. Faking is going to happen .Trouble is faking is a sign of potential communication failures in a relationship and also the fallacy that we are all going to be in tune and orgasm every time we have sex…be nice but not always going to happen. Probably also a sign that sex is becoming routine and boring and needs a boost to get it exciting. Good to talk about the need to fake and the long term consequences.


  3. i think a lot of this goes to ‘the expected’ and magazines and all the articles on ‘how to orgasm’ and ‘ten ways to please your man’ and all that crap.
    women feel a bit like a failure if they don’t orgasm. (which is crap)
    or they just want to get it over, blah blah boring, can do it better themselves, etc, but – yeah – we all need to learn to talk.


  4. I can understand why a woman would fake an orgasm in certain situations. Most guys want to think they can bring the pleasure she wants, and she doesn’t want him to think he’s failing. But the truth is some guys just don’t know how to please women the way they need or want. It’s a hard truth. With guys it’s easy to reach orgasm, but with women it can be very difficult at times. Great Post.


  5. My partner and I were perhaps even stranger; maybe too strange: we’d often each read some of our favourite erotica while having sex, thus ensuring a long, leisurely session with a nice build-up to the fireworks. There are positions in which that works just fine, with one hand holding your book. We knew it was weird, but we didn’t mind!


  6. I have done this myself when I had boyfriends in the past. Mostly it was to not hurt their egos. For me it’s hard to reach orgasm if I’m not lost in the moment and it’s difficult if the partner doesn’t know how to turn you on to that point of boiling. I can think that honesty is the best policy but… nah, I won’t be having that conversation hahahaha


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