Why Sex is Better in a Long Term Relationship



There’s a lot of debate about when the best sex is in a relationship, ranging anywhere from before the relationship starts until long into it. There’s also a lot of research now that points to sex in relationships that are at least a decade old. Here are 5 reasons why sex is better in a long-term relationship.


1. You can be forthcoming

We’ve all had that dating stage where everything is all smiles because you want to make a good impression. If something isn’t good in the bedroom, often times we let it go until we build up that trust. In a long-term relationship, it’s easier to be honest with one another when something isn’t working, sexually speaking.


2. You know what works and what doesn’t

After a few years, you know your partner’s likes and dislikes up and down. You know what aspects to stay away from, but at the same time, you know how to be a little edgy and still be within that person’s comfort zone.


3. You worry less

Think of all the worries and stress that comes along with sex with a new partner. Things like whether he has protection, if he’s safe to open up to, whether he’ll call the next day, or how you’ll perform. When you know someone intimately in a long-term relationship, it’s easier to relax, and especially for women, being able to relax and pleasure go hand in hand.


4. There is plenty of time to experiment and explore

If it’s only a quickie with a stranger or a short dating process, there’s not nearly enough of an opportunity to get to know each other’s bodies, likes, and dislikes.


5. The emotional connection

By far, the biggest item on this list is the emotional connection. When in a long-term relationship, it’s more about each other than it is about the act. It’s hard to beat that soul-to-soul experience of being with someone you share a deep, emotional connection with.






9 thoughts on “Why Sex is Better in a Long Term Relationship

  1. absolutely true, especially with the emotional connection. It is just so much more comfortable when in a relationship!


  2. Sex is one of the most difficult things to talk about.

    I say this to people and it applies to all aspects. “If you can’t use the words, all the words, how are you going to teach your children, how are you going to keep them safe”.

    Another thing to consider is this. If you aren’t getting something at home, what ever that something may be, you’ll find it outside the home. You might want to invite conversation with your one.


  3. I totally agree. The more you know your partner and your partner knows you, the easier it is to enjoy sex. As long as both keep the adventurous spirit alive and continue to try to seduce each other, it’s great: no sense of shame and no hangups.


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