Why Single is Not the Same as Lonely



There is a large misconception that being single is the same as being lonely. For those of you who are single, that is simply not the case. It merely means that you’re not socializing with a significant other. Let’s take a look at some ways that flying solo doesn’t have to be lonely.


Being single gives you more time to be social

Now, I know what you’re thinking: when you’re in a relationship, you are social. True, you’re social with your significant other, but when you’re single, you’re able to be more social with everyone, mainly because you have more time. It could also be that you have more drive to be social when you’re single in order to fulfill that natural human desire.


Being single can allow you to focus more on other relationships

Of course, you can do both, but in the absence of a romantic relationship, it could give you more focus on the platonic relationships around you. Perhaps there’s a friend from college you haven’t spoken to in a while, or perhaps a family member could use some attention.


Being single allows you to be more social with yourself

I know, I know, it sounds touchy-feely, but when was the last time you went on a date with yourself? Perhaps it was taking yourself to your favorite restaurant with a book or an activity that you like but nobody in your circle does. Sometimes it’s nice to recharge your batteries by spending time with ourselves. I compare it to taking a nature hike, where a person can recalibrate after so long in civilization and around technology.


The take away I hope to offer here is that no matter what a person’s relationship status is, that person can be happy, social, and not lonely.






8 thoughts on “Why Single is Not the Same as Lonely

  1. I totally agree, Ava. Being single could be lonely if we let it. Our free time as a single guy or gal is absolutely priceless. Singles should take advantage of the situation and do some of what you mention here. Thanks for the post! 🙂


  2. Alone does not equal lonely. People tend to make shit to damn hard. They forget what they learned in their early school days and fail to apply it to their lives, fractions. The lowest common denominator.

    In the moment I’m ajar. Neither looking or not looking for a relationship.

    The simple stuff. There are two and only two places you meet people. The two and only two places are at work and in your activities.

    If you live to work, meeting someone who also lives to work, you’ll probably meet someone like you.

    If you work to live, you best get out by yourself and enjoy the activities you like where there are other people like you enjoying those same activities. If you’re ajar, who knows!


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