New Release! Always in Control


It’s out! My newest erotica ebook is available: Always in Control.


Check out the summary:

While dinner is good, dessert is better.

Serena hasn’t worked long at the law firm before she catches the eye of Mr. Laing, a top lawyer within the company. She quickly falls into the role of his babygirl and submissive, pleasing him in every way she can think of.

One night, he takes her to a cocktail party, lavish and fancy compared to what she’s familiar with. There he tortures her in the sweetest way possible, barely hidden from the other unwitting guests. She hopes he enjoys his dessert later at home, but Mr. Laing may not be willing to wait that long.


I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Always in Control



Serena stood in front of the full-length mirror, staring at her reflection. It provided a complete view of herself, and that image served as a reminder of how cared for she was. Turning, she smoothed a hand over her lean stomach and hips and admired yet another little number he’d bought along with a stunning pair of ebony heels.

  Merely an hour ago, she’d begun dolling herself up for him. Every choice made had been his–from the soap she’d bathed with to the gold bangles that now rested on her slender wrist. She was his babygirl, and he treated her like royalty. A month’s time had elapsed since she had agreed to be Mr. Laing’s pet, and it was still as thrilling as ever. She knew she would never get used to this sort of treatment.

  She was born to a working class family and struggled hard to get where she was in New York City, landing a position at one of the city’s most prestigious law firms. Being pampered was wholly unknown to her, but then he came into her life and everything changed.

  The older man took an immediate liking to her, seeking her out as his little pet to spoil. She could still recall the first time he’d bent her over the conference table one night when they were working late, the feel of his thick fingers as they ravished her young, fresh-from-college body.

  His power was seductive, and she’d been unable to resist his attentions, slipping easily into the role of his submissive. She loved being his assistant by day and continuing to serve him at night, whether still at the office or at his luxury penthouse high above Manhattan. When he commanded she call him Sir, it was as if a piece of her soul had been made whole.

  Her thoughts were soon interrupted when Mr. Laing’s reflection appeared in the mirror behind her. He wore a deliciously sexy smirk along with a dashing suit as he held her black evening coat folded over an arm. Finally, his pleasant and slightly accented voice broke the silence.

  “Serena, my darling girl. You look extraordinary.”

  Blushing, she looked down as a soft smile curled her full lips. She’d always had a weakness for older men. He tilted her chin back up, offering a reserved but kind expression.

  “Own your beauty, little one,” he added, trailing his fingertips down her arm and back up. “Look at the contrast of the lacework against your pale skin.” His fingers then ghosted across her chest, further tracing the lace as it plunged between her perky breasts. “I do love the way this fabric clings to your body. I have half a mind to take you now and present a disheveled girl to the world.”

  She felt her inner thighs clench at the thought. Heat prickled her skin. She said nothing, only continued to watch his reflection in the mirror. The idea excited her, but it also scared her. His advances were becoming addictive.

(end of sample)




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