4 Ways to Deal With Being the Jealous Type



We’ve all had flashes of jealousy, although some take it harder than others. If you’re the jealous type, you can experience things that could easily get in the way of a healthy relationship. Let’s look at a few ways to combat those prickly urges.


See jealousy for what it is

Is your partner really doing something suspicious or something worthy of concern or is it just your own insecurity? The next time you feel the temptation, consider what it really is you’re getting concerned about. It could be that your partner is doing nothing out of sorts. Try to look at it from both angles.


Recognize why you feel this way

If someone has a weakness for jealousy, it’s likely that person has dealt with cheating in the past. It might not have been a direct experience; perhaps that person’s parents divorced over infidelity, or a close family member dealt with someone untrustworthy. Is your own past getting in the way of your future?


When you feel insecure, communicate

Talk to your partner. Most situations in a relationship can be solved through clear communication. While you may not want to launch into everything, discuss what bothers you. Even if you don’t mention that you suspect he’s cheating, talk about how late he goes out or the periods of time he disappears. If it bothers you, let it out. It could turn out to be a simple misunderstanding.


Realize your good points

Jealously is mostly the fear of rejection or being alone. Try to realize all your good aspects and why your partner chose you in the first place. Clearly, you did something right. Try to remember that your partner is with you for a reason, and if that isn’t enough, accentuate those qualities for a while. Flirt a little. Remind your partner why he/she chose you. There are lots of fun ways to do that. ; )






7 thoughts on “4 Ways to Deal With Being the Jealous Type

  1. Good advice. Mine often comes from self comparison, always feeling like not enough or falling short, failing to see others as just as flawed as I am. It’s a tricky thing to bear in yourself and deal with.

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