6 Early Relationship Red Flags

Holding Hands


Have you ever felt like there might be a red flag in your relationship? Let’s explore 6 possible, early relationship red flags.


1. Doing things he/she knows you don’t like

Nobody knows how to get to you better than your significant other. This creates incredible intimacy but also gives him/her your weakness. Keep an eye out if the hot button that you’ve already expressed continues to be pushed.


2. Keeping their ex as a big part in their life

Now, this isn’t to say that a person can’t be friends with their ex, but if they keep this person very close to them and talk to him/her regularly, that could be a red flag of problems to come. They have history, and it’s entirely possible for that spark to come up again.


3. An unwillingness to make time for each other

Doing things together and sharing interests is a huge part of any relationship. If your significant other is severely limiting his/her time with you, or limiting it to a specific kind of time, that could be something to remember.


4. Being ignored

Even if your significant other hasn’t limited his/her time with you but ignores you routinely, that could be an indicator of decreased interest.


5. Increased fighting

Perhaps the frequency of fights has increased or name-calling has occurred for the first time. It’s pretty rare for fights to never occur, but it’s possible for an increase to happen.


6. Disagreements on who should do what

This mainly applies to people who live together, but it can come up anywhere. Who pays the check? Who takes out the trash? Who calls to set up the hotel reservation? It’s good to sort out the division of labor before the two of you move in to reduce that friction before it starts.


The key thing to understand with any of these red flags is that communication conquers all. It might sound cliché, but it’s true. Talk to your significant other. It could be that there is a perfectly good explanation for everything; you just don’t know it yet.

Maybe there’s something going on in your significant other’s life that you haven’t been told about yet. As difficult as it can be, try your best not to jump to conclusions and get things sorted out. He’s/she’s worth it.






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