New Release! Teacher Takes Charge


It’s out! My newest erotica ebook is available: Teacher Takes Charge.


Check out the summary:

From the moment Cait said she wanted to be Alyssa’s teacher’s assistant, Alyssa knew she’d be trouble. It’s not that she’s a bad TA; it’s just that she’s too…perfect. It’s irritating how composed and put together she is. It’s not long before Alyssa wants to ruffle up all that perfection–in the way of bending her over her desk and teaching her a lesson.

In this story, Alyssa plays out her fantasy while getting a taste of what the whole class has been drooling over since the semester began. Suddenly Cait isn’t so composed with Alyssa’s fingers in her hair.



I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to my readers for all your support. I owe everything to my readers and their continual patronage.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Teacher Takes Charge



Grading papers used to be the hardest thing about teaching. When Alyssa was in the first semester of her master’s and stuttering over her own slide show presentations, she was convinced that nothing could be worse than a blank-faced auditorium full of bored freshmen. That was before she read the uninspired essays the freshmen produced.

  She’d expected bright, excited students lining up to her office with innovative questions regarding the effects of puritanical influences on American literature. Instead, she was faced with poorly written thesis statements from students who didn’t seem to realize the difference between a book and a magazine. She’d sighed, taken out her red pen, and prepared herself for years of disappointment and mixed tenses.

  Luckily, with time, and a thesis on Depression-era literature under her belt, she’d graduated from auditoriums of more than a hundred bored freshmen to fiction workshops with no more than seven clever graduate students under her care at a time. They might never write the next great American novel, she figured, but at least they had strong opinions about the previous ones. Grading papers was no longer the hardest part of her job.

  Now the hardest part was not bending her new teacher’s assistant over the desk and knocking the stack of marked-up essays the poor girl had slaved over onto the ground.

  It wasn’t that Cait dressed inappropriately for the workplace. It was that her idea of workplace appropriate was well-tailored and expensive, silk instead of polyester, not a button or seam out of place. It left too much to the imagination, wondering what she might look like unbuttoned and ruffled, her honey blonde hair spilling out of the effortless chignon she styled it in every morning. It was too perfect.

  It would’ve been one thing if Cait’s clothes were skin tight and gaudy, might have been easier to ignore a towering stiletto or a chunky statement necklace meant to draw attention to the freckled expanse of her chest. Instead, a single pearl dangled on a thin, gold chain where Cait’s cream blouse was buttoned to the second button.

  Kitten heels lifted her round ass just so, lengthening her long, toned legs. The straight, black seam of her nude nylons drew the eye to the bottom of her woolen pencil skirt, brushing the spot at the back of her knee where thigh met calf. Kitten heels, Alyssa thought, biting down a groan. It was nearly pornographic.

(end of sample)





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