MBE Review: The Billionaire’s New Toy

Stories, Insights, and Weird Thoughts

Well, it’s that time again. Yep, it’s time for another Micro Book Erotica review! Today’s review comes from Ava Stirling of The Invisible Girl’s First Time and The Cougar and the Boy Next Door fame. Now, before anyone goes off and says, “You just reviewed an Ava Stirling book”, Ava is a friend and she asked me to review this. If it makes anyone feel better, I will be reviewing a MBE with a notable political figure as the lead (not Sarah Palin).So, let’s dive in (pun not intended) take a look at The Billionaire’s New Toy.

I will be honest, when Ava first asked me to review this book, I groaned to myself thinking “Please let this not be another Fifty Shades of Gray rip off with a psychotic and physically abusive billionaire/millionaire and an ‘innocent’ women engaging in sadomasochistic sex”. But to my surprise, this book actually…

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