7 Sexual Insecurities and Why It’s Not a Big Deal



People have a lot to worry about these days without adding yet another thing. But with the introduction of the Internet, people are quick to compare their situations or experiences with others, only adding to the situation. Here are just a few things that people often worry about in the bedroom and why it’s not a big deal.


Your size

I’m going to clear this up once and for all. Yes, guys, it does matter, but no, it’s not even close to the only thing that matters. Sure, it’s nice when it’s a large size, but that’s only one factor that goes into everything. If a guy has a large member but doesn’t know how to use it, it’s not nearly as good as someone who has both.

Not everyone is a ten in every category, so be the best that you can with what you’ve got.



This is embarrassing. I know this for a fact. When that sound happens and at first you wonder what it was, then the realization creeps up on you. In all reality, this is just the same as any other embarrassing noise that can happen during sex. It’s true that sex isn’t the same as you see in the movies, and we all just have to deal with it.

Besides, a little laughter in the bedroom isn’t a bad thing.


Premature ejaculation

It can be a letdown for a girl who was looking forward to a longer lovemaking session when premature ejaculation happens. Yes, it’s a negative, but who says the antics in the bedroom have to stop when a guy arrives? There are plenty of other tools, such as fingers and tongue.

The guy is probably fatigued after his arrival, but if he wants to make up for the fact, he can soldier through it.


Getting too wet

Honestly, this is the last thing someone should be worried about. Getting wet is the whole point! Your body is doing a good job. Enjoy it. At least you don’t have to spend the money on lube.


Level  of experience

You may be someone worried about a lack or abundance of experience. When the conversation comes up about how many past lovers both of you have had, it can be a little awkward. In all reality, what really matters is the here and now. So what if you’ve only been with one other person, or so what if you’ve been with thirty? He or she loves you for who you are right now.


The smell

Let’s be real: it’s a penis and a vagina–it’s not a flower shop. Yes, do your best to keep things fresh down there, but your partner has to understand that it won’t be the same as a walk through a scented candle store.

If this is a large concern for you, bathe before your date or be more playful in the shower, when everything is at its cleanest.


How your body looks

We all wish we looked like underwear supermodels (except for the supermodels themselves, and in that case, they already are them). We drape our clothes in certain ways to show off our best sides. When all the clothes are removed, sometimes we feel the most vulnerable.

Whenever I’m in the mood to be insecure about how I look, and keep in mind this could happen no matter how sexy the person is, I remind myself that my partner is in bed with me for a reason, because he is sexually attracted to me. Unless it’s my first time with him, he knows what he signed up for, and he wants more. Reminding yourself that could give you the boost you need.






13 thoughts on “7 Sexual Insecurities and Why It’s Not a Big Deal

  1. Reblogged this on Mistress Valiant and commented:
    What a great reminder! I hear from men often that their wives or girlfriends don’t seem that interested in sex. Well, let me give you a clue men, insecurity is the reason in 99% of those cases! Show your woman that you think she’s sexy, romance for a woman starts with her heart and mind, not her body (well, except for me, but I’m not typical…lol)! Romance her, make her feel special, tell her she’s beautiful, initiate sex, which for most women doesn’t mean squeeze our boob once.

    Ladies…confidence is the most sexy thing a woman can have! News flash, men are not that complicated! They think with their cocks, ok? If it is hard it is interested! Don’t be afraid to put on some lingerie and take control, trust me, men find this sexy! I would know! Most men don’t care if your body is perfect, it’s how you feel, how you act. If you think you’re sexy your man will see it and agree!

    Believe it or not, many men feel unwanted when their wife or girlfriend doesn’t show interest in them sexually. It messes with their confidence. Men need to feel wanted physically, they need sex and attention from their woman, it’s important. Trust me, I hear it all the time. It is hard for them to feel rejected, it is hard for them to always initiate. They have fears and insecurities, too. Try making a move on him. If you aren’t sure how, send me a message, I’ll help you!

    Here’s to less insecurity and more sex for all!

    -Mistress Valiant 💋💋

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