Has Science Unlocked the Female Orgasm?



We’ve all heard that size doesn’t matter. Well, what about the size of a woman’s…lady parts? Or more specifically, the distance between certain lady parts.

A recent study by the University of Indiana found the size and position of a woman’s vagina can affect her ability to orgasm. Crazy right?

The study suggested that women with a clitoris within 1 inch or less from her urinary tract found it easier to orgasm via penetrative sex. The thinking here is that when they’re that close together, sufficient friction is given to the area around the clitoris during sex.

The study goes as far to say that a woman with parts beyond an inch will find it difficult to achieve orgasm during sex. When women think to blame anatomy on their lack of an orgasm, usually they think of a man’s, not her own.

The study isn’t conclusive, but it makes us think a little bit. How humans fit together certainly affects how we feel during sex. If nothing else, I’m sure it has many of my readers reaching for the tape measure.





14 thoughts on “Has Science Unlocked the Female Orgasm?

  1. Not only that but I imagine this has something to do with it as well: When your bladder is full it is easier to orgasm because of the extra pressure. Perhaps the “close to urethra area” would assist here?


  2. I feel like this is another way that men can blame women and not have to try to give them orgasms. Oh honey, your anatomy just isn’t right. I don’t know.


  3. I’m afraid everyone would prefer to avoid talking about the real cause of female sexual dysfunction. Every organ of the body needs stimulation during development, otherwise the relative brain areas that control that organ “prune” unused neurons and atrophy.

    When little girls are “inhibited” from fondling themselves they are in effect mentally castrated, and will suffer from clitoral erectile dysfunction (search those words on the web) when they grow up.

    That’s a bitter pill, but the solution is to provide kids with accurate, balanced, and comprehensive sex education from the earliest age, as well as the freedom to fondle themselves and enjoy sex play with other kids with appropriate adult monitoring.


  4. Please! I don’t think all that talk about clit distance blah blah is all it takes. I think it also has a lot to do with the pleaser and their ability to hit the right spots for their women to achieve the greatest……or maybe a combination of both? I just don’t know!

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  5. Anatomy isn’t the only thing at play, but it is a component. One partner I have orgasms easily but never just from penetration alone. Her vagina is on the larger end. Another partner of mine has a much smaller vagina and she orgasms like crazy from penetration alone (and anything else). Not the only factor, but probably a factor.


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