8 Sex Tips For Long Term Couples



Sex is great. Relationships are great. But sometimes it takes a bit of extra energy to keep things alive and fresh in the bedroom. Here are some tips to do just that.



Have you both tried sexting yet? It’s so much fun! Few things are sexier than knowing that your partner is thinking of you in that way. It can create lots of anticipation for what’s to come.


Revive the element of surprise

Surprise your lover with something new or new-ish. Try bringing out the whip cream or wear nothing but bubble wrap.


Admit a fantasy

Maybe there’s a fantasy you’ve never admitted before. Don’t worry about being judged. Maybe your partner has one that he/she hasn’t brought up either. It’s worth a try.


Make a list

Make a list of sex positions and make a pact to cross them all off the list in 20 days. At the end, you’ll be more flexible than your yoga instructor.


Have morning sex

Few things are better than starting your day with an orgasm. Admit it. If you and your partner haven’t had morning sex in a while, try it more often. It can count as morning excercise, too.


Do something public

Okay, it may not be full-fledged sex, but try something in public. Maybe it’s some feels in the backseat of a roller coaster or a handjob in a semi-private hot tub.


Sex toys

Try including a sex toy. I’m partial to vibrators, myself, but you could try some bondage or a sex swing.


Watch porn together

It’s a little unorthodox for some, but why not try watching porn together? If you need something to break the tension, you could try something silly like clown porn or tickle porn. If visual porn is too hardcore, you could also try written erotica.



13 thoughts on “8 Sex Tips For Long Term Couples

  1. Every tip was right on! I’ve especially found the admitting to fantasies to be exceptionally “rewarding.” It’s a turn on Even if it is just sharing thing you want to remain a fantasy…but of course, you just might turn some of them into reality.


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