What Nobody Tells You About Male-to-Female Oral Sex



If there was a manual on receiving oral sex, nobody told me about it. I would have loved to read it, especially during those first few years of experimentation. As awkward as it might have been, sometimes I wish someone sat me down and told me what to expect when receiving oral. Here are a few items I wish I heard.


1. It’s okay to suggest tips for him to do it better next time. It’s all in the delivery. For example, you could try over-complimenting him on the (few) things he did well, then it’s natural for those things to stick out in his mind next time.

2. Your vagina doesn’t look weird. Odds are, it simply looks like a vagina. Ta da.

3. You don’t have to lie still. It’s alright to move your body. In fact, he’ll probably love that.

4. Try not to focus on how long it’s taking you to orgasm. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and then it really will take you longer.

5. Just because a certain method worked on his ex-girlfriend doesn’t mean it’s going to work on you. And you might simply need to tell him that. If somehow he admits to using the same move on every girl.

6. Most likely, you don’t smell weird. I know it’s a common concern, and yes you probably will still think about it during. But also think about this, does he worry about how he smells down there when you go down on him? Maybe, but most likely he’s focused on how it’s going to make him feel. Maybe you should do the same.

7. Try not to think about how his face is where you pee. Trust me on this one.



30 thoughts on “What Nobody Tells You About Male-to-Female Oral Sex

  1. I do use the same move, I spell out the alphabet with my tongue, then settle on the letter that works best. Maybe it’s less a move than a technique. But yes, tips are appreciated and direction during is good to.

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    1. You need to set aside a minimum of three hours pampering and self exploration. Starting with a sensuous bath, having the right ambiance…and gently and slowly explore your body. You need to really understand your body, what feel’s good, what stimulation excites you. When you truly know your triggers you can gently prompt to get those areas more attention and you will understand what your body needs.
      Self exploration and the ability to bring yourself to orgasms is the key to sexual confidence . There are lots of good books on the subject that might help.
      A man might perpetuate a known pattern that misses your trigger points so you need to know and then I totally agree with the article gently encourage …compliment and suggest.

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  2. Sometimes I hesitate reading articles like this because they can point out things I’ve never thought to worry about. I’m so glad I risked this one, it actually made me feel better about letting a man go down. I’m one who doesn’t understand men and why they always want a picture of a pussy, I find a cock so much more asthetically pleasing, but two things really stuck out here, for me. First, Your vagina doesn’t look weird, it doesn’t?!? I shouldn’t need to hear that but I really do. And second, don’t focus on how long it’s taking you to orgasm…it will take longer! What I take from that is that I’m not the only woman in the world that lies there thinking, why haven’t I come yet?
    Really enjoyed this post!

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  3. Totally agree we are not taught the basics it’s supposed to be automatic, but if one has a bad experience because one is tense or the man too is inexperienced it can put back sexual enjoyment maybe forever in that one area..well done for raising it.


  4. I’m going to steer clear of shameless pontification my particular talents in this department (giving, of course) – so I’ll skip to the best and most reliable methods: #1. I ask what my partner truly enjoys the most. #2 I listen (no, really, I listen intently and even do reflective listening whereby I repeat what she just said, but in a really sexy manner) #3 most importantly – I focus on what she said and only after I’ve mastered those tasty tips (pun intended) do I add any of my ‘tried, tested and true’ variations. Of course, #3 may take upwards of an hour to ensure I covered all the bases, but one can never rush through what I believe is the most intimate and sexy gift I can give my partner … right?

    Thank you so much for an awesome post! From this guy’s perspective, y’all (women) are exquisite creatures and this act alone is my homage to how how incredibly awesome every one of you are!


  5. What I gained from reading your post and some of the comments is a scenario between my leading lady and leading man during oral sex. Thanks for the inspiration! Scene 🙂


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