7 Funny Thoughts Women Have During Sex



Women have lots of thoughts during sex. Some might even say more than men. While I won’t claim that, the thoughts that women have during sex often are quite different. Let’s take a gander through some of the funnier ones I’ve heard over the years.


1. Do I have armpit boob right now?

It happens. Try not to imagine they look like two globs of butter sliding to either end of a hot pan.


2. I think he just farted.

That could just be an air bubble trapped between two bodies. But who’s to tell sometimes?


3. Does my “O face” look like that?

Of course not. You look like an angel and bares no resemblance to his face right then. Or something.


4. What do I stare at when I do the Reverse Cowgirl?

The wall. That new television he spent too much money on. Just try to avoid making eye contact with the cat. That’s just creepy. 


5. How much sleep can I get if he finishes right now?

You’re counting. Don’t lie.


6. Am I about to cum or do I have to pee?

Perhaps both?


7. I really should have done yoga to prepare for this position.

The word pretzel comes to mind.



As passionate as love making can be, it’s healthy to have a laugh in the bedroom. Give it a try!





21 thoughts on “7 Funny Thoughts Women Have During Sex

  1. Funny thoughts! And I’m with you about laughing — it’s so damn sexy to do it in the bedroom. Got to have a sense of humor when things don’t happen as well as you hoped 🙂

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