New Release! Bimbofied By the Doctor

Bimbofied By the Doctor


It’s out! My newest erotica ebook is ready to be unleashed: Bimbofied By the Doctor.

Dive into this sultry story that’ll tempt you to read with one hand. ; ) Check out the summary:

Penny used to like simple things, such as quiet nights at home, conservative clothing, and the occasional glass of wine while reading a good book. Which is why it’s so strange that every time she comes home from working at Dr. Carter’s hypnotherapy office, she feels changes come over her, changes that make her forgetful and want to show off her body.

She notices these changes, but will she resist and confront Dr. Carter, or will she take the path of least resistance and become the bimbo he’s always wanted?



I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to all my readers for all your support. I had a lot of fun writing this one, and I can’t wait for the next.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Bimbofied By the Doctor


The receptionist from the office downstairs always looked so trashy. Penny tried not to judge people, but in that girl’s case, she made an exception. At least once a week, the mailman put letters in their box that were intended for the office downstairs, and every time she had walked down to hand it to them, she was there.

   She was pretty, only a few years younger than Penny, but the biggest issue was how much cleavage she showed. It probably had something to do with the ratio of men to women in that office, but the girl could have kept it a little more subtle. Sure, Penny had showed some skin here and there, but mainly when she tried to catch the eye of someone she liked and always outside of work.

   Her pantsuit legs made a swishing sound as she walked up the stairs. She could have taken the elevator, but she enjoyed the exercise. Since her breakup with her ex-boyfriend a year ago, she had climbed back on the wagon and focused on her health and fitness. Not that she had been heavy to begin with, but she trimmed up to the point of feeling satisfied with her body.

   With every step, her slim thighs brushed her hand. That girl downstairs wasn’t the only one who had a decent body, but at least Penny didn’t feel the need to flaunt it. She reached the top of the stairs without breathing hard, despite coming from the first floor.

   That morning had been busy. Dr. Carter usually set aside a few hours in the morning for paperwork and research, but today he had back-to-back appointments with clients. She suspected it had to do with the hypnotherapist across the street who had recently closed down his practice; there was a good chance they had absorbed a lot of his old clients. Dr. Carter never seemed to lack appointments.

   She found a new face in the reception area when she returned to the office. Oddly, it was a man. She asked him if he needed help, but he said that the doctor had already greeted him. It was a little strange seeing a man there; it seemed like most of Dr. Carter’s appointments were female. In fact, she could only remember a handful of them who weren’t. For some reason, that didn’t seem out of the ordinary to her.

   There was a woman sitting two seats over from the male client, but Penny had already greeted her before taking the mail downstairs. She idly flipped through one of the magazines from the stack. At one point, Penny had tried to put out newspapers and business articles, but Dr. Carter outvoted her.

   As soon as Penny sat down in her office chair, the door to Dr. Carter’s office opened, and his voice carried. “That was a productive session. I think we’re making progress. I’ll see you next week.”

   A petite redhead with a fashionable purse slung over her shoulder followed the doctor. “Of course. Next week…I’ll see you next week, Dr. Carter.” Staring ahead, she made a straight line for the exit. The slight breeze created by the opening of the door lifted a page of the woman’s magazine.

   Dr. Carter adjusted his necktie. “Did they say anything about the mail?”

   “Nothing,” Penny said. “They didn’t seem to care much.”

   “Probably because they know we’ll bring it to them every time.” He ran his fingers through his hair and gestured to the woman. “I’m ready if you are. How has your week been?”

   The woman reached for her designer purse and followed Dr. Carter into his office. “Going well. I haven’t had the urge to smoke since our last appointment. I think it’s been…” The voice trailed off as the door shut. The two had a long appointment that day. Miss Collins had visited every week for the past two months. She was a nice woman who never missed her appointments and was always on time.

   Penny checked her work emails and wrote a few replies. Although the day was busy, she had portioned out her time perfectly to get everything done in a timely manner. Earlier, she had layered the forms that needed processing by order of importance. In fact, she prided herself on her time management. She was fairly certain Dr. Carter appreciated that quality in her.

   Even with her work, she found herself glancing up at the man in the lobby. He wasn’t an underwear model by any means, but his brown hair spilled over his forehead in a disheveled yet sexy way. Some men simply wore the messy look well. It didn’t matter though; he never looked up from his phone. He probably didn’t know she existed. She told herself that it was for the best–she never mixed work and play.

   Despite all that, a small part of her hoped for a glance when the man left Dr. Carter’s office. She didn’t have to wait long as his appointment ended sooner than most. But he only gave a nod to the doctor and reached for a cup of water on his way out. The water jug gurgled at her.

   “How is everything out here?” Dr. Carter asked.

   Penny turned in the chair. It always felt like an odd angle when he stood over her. “All the emails are answered, the new patient forms have been processed, and your profile has been updated on the website. I contacted the designer to get it corrected.”

   “It sounds like you’ve been productive. Any new appointments for tomorrow?”

   “One for the morning and three for the afternoon. It’s reflected in your calendar.”

   “Excellent.” He poured himself a cup of water and sat on the edge of the desk. “Since we have a few minutes between clients, I wanted to talk to you about something.” There was a distinct pause.

   For a moment, her stomach dropped. Yesterday, she had used her work computer to check her personal email, when she should have waited until her lunch break to do it on her phone. She hoped he hadn’t noticed, but he had an eye for detail, and she didn’t know he was there until he stood right behind her.

   “It’s about how you dress. I’ve noticed that you’ve been wearing a lot of pantsuits lately.”

   The feeling in her stomach vanished. “I suppose. Is there something wrong?”

   The doctor gestured. “I feel the office would look more welcoming if you wore something more…feminine.”

   She realized her mouth hung open. How dare he say something like that. While she struggled to recover, he said, “Just imagine the experience when someone walks through that door. They can either see a woman wearing a blue pantsuit or a woman wearing a feminine skirt and flattering top. Which do you think is a more welcoming visual?”

(end of sample)








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