Why You Should Talk Dirty



Dirty talk. It’s something that excites some and terrifies others. Some people really get into it with characters and role-play, while some like some grit here and there. Here are some reasons to talk dirty:

-To build up attraction. It can make the other person feel focused on and wanted. Nothing is sexier than a person’s full attention.

-To spice things up. Variety is the spice of life. It could be a lot of fun to try something different.

-To add an edge. Talking dirty can be a way to be edgy, especially if, in a safe environment, sexy name-calling can be introduced, like being called a dirty girl or a filthy slut.

-To add excitement. It’s just plain exciting! Nobody else talks to you that way but your lover, so even hearing things spoken like that is a big turn on.


A lot of people have trouble thinking up what to say when they want to talk dirty. The advice I give is to simply say what you want. What do you want to do to your partner? Do you want him so badly that you wait by the door when you hear the car in the driveway? Tell him. Do you crave her so badly that your desk raises every time you think about her at work? Tell her.

Another way is to complement the other person. You can tell her how good she tastes, or she can tell him how hard he feels against your hand. Think about what physical feature you find most attractive on your partner and tell your partner so. The best sort of complements, I feel, are talking about how good your partner makes you feel. Not only will this make your partner feel good, but it is an encouragement for your partner to repeat what you enjoy.

Give some of this a try the next time you’re with your partner. You could find that it adds some spice, edge, and excitement to your next romp.






20 thoughts on “Why You Should Talk Dirty

  1. I had to check out this post after I read your post on 7 funny thoughts. Both laughter and talking dirty are most welcomed. And I think both are based on feeling comfortable with the other person. All are important to have a good time with that special someone.


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