New Release! Study Hard: An Erotica Story


It’s out! My newest erotica ebook is ready to be unveiled: Study Hard: An Erotica Story.


Check out the summary:

Graduating from college is hard enough without being single.

Faye’s best friend, Dakota, helps keep her mind off men by helping her study. The big exam coming up is making Faye lose sleep.

Dakota offers up her dad’s house for them to cram some studying in. It’s much quieter than the university library, especially considering that Dakota’s dad is out of town on business. Within an hour of being there, though, her dad arrives home after changing his flight. 

He doesn’t mind that they dropped by, but Faye finds it hard to concentrate on her studies with such an attractive, confident man nearby. She’d never do anything to hurt Dakota, but this is something Faye has never encountered before. 

She’ll have to decide whether experiencing Mr. Stevens is thrilling enough to risk a friendship over.



I want to give a huge thanks to everyone on my Launch Team, who are invaluable for their feedback. And of course, thank you to all my readers for all your support. I had a lot of fun writing this one, and I can’t wait for the next.

If you’d like, read below for a sample of the story.


Study Hard: An Erotica Story


The way she sat, Faye was losing feeling in her right leg. They had been there for hours, and she didn’t feel any more ready for the college exam on Friday. Any small hope she had about becoming smarter just by being in a store full of books disappeared quickly. She took another sip of her iced coffee and squinted at the page. She was going cross-eyed.

  “How far have you gotten with Peter the Great?” Dakota looked down her glasses with a few strands of her hair sweeping down in front. She didn’t have to wear them. They had talked endlessly about her getting contacts, but so far, she hadn’t budged. She was a cute girl, but she would look even better without the glasses.

  “Just to his coronation,” Faye said.

  Dakota tucked the flyaways behind her ear. “You realize we’re failing this test, right?”

  “That’s staying positive.”

  “We can’t even put together a decent amount of notes to study with, much less remember enough to get a passing grade.”

  “We have another day and a half. Besides, I’ll work on it more tonight and we’ll cram tomorrow night. It’ll be fine.” She hoped she sounded more convincing than she felt.

  Dakota snapped the lid of the coffee cup shut, then opened it again. “Whatever. I don’t really have a choice. I knew I shouldn’t have gone to that party last night.”

  “But you had so much fun.” Faye rolled her eyes. “And that guy couldn’t take his eyes off you.”

  “I got a slow dance out of it, didn’t I? And he was pretty hot. So layoff.”

  “Hot guy isn’t helping us pass this test, now is he?”

  Dakota turned the page. “If anything, it’s the opposite. Thinking about him is distracting me.”

  Someone bumped the back of Faye’s chair. The coffee house inside the bookstore usually stayed fairly busy, but that day it was packed. Sure, there was a book signing off in the corner, but nothing else explained the crowd on a weeknight. They all apparently had nothing better to do.

  “For our studying tomorrow night, we may need to swap locations,” Dakota said. “I have about six loads of laundry that need to be done, so I thought we could study at the house. Two birds with one stone, and all that.”

  “Which house?”

  Dakota’s parents had been divorced for over a year, and depending on which one she referred to, it was closer to her place than Dakota’s apartments.

  “My dad’s. We can just study in the guest bedroom. He actually stocks his fridge when I remind him to go grocery shopping.”

  “That works for me,” Faye said.

  Dakota shot her a look. “Just try not to embarrass me this time. The way you stared made it pretty obvious.”

  Faye hid a blush by coughing into her hand. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Of course she did. She had always nurtured a small crush on her friend’s dad, no matter how hard she tried to suppress it. One night, years ago, she had admitted it to Dakota, but she thought her friend was either too tired or buzzed to remember. Perhaps not.

  “Sure you don’t. Well, it probably won’t matter anyway. I think he’s on a business trip for the rest of the week. I guess you’ll just have to stare at someone else’s dad–Alfred perhaps?”

  Faye shivered. The thought of her roommate’s father was less than appealing. He was nice and all, but the thought of him reaching around his belly to embrace her made her throat tighten. “Nope. He’s all yours. I wouldn’t want to keep him from you.”

  Dakota smacked her lips. “How kind.” She reached down to turn the page, then let it drop. “I suppose this book isn’t going to read itself.”

  Adjusting her position in the chair, Faye squeezed her eyes shut and leaned forward again. The exam would be tough even with another week of studying. College was no picnic. She tried to clear her mind, but now she had a new problem. Dakota had brought up her dad, and now Faye had difficulty concentrating on much else.

(end of sample)







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