Kiss Your Man Like a Pro With These 10 Tips



Kissing can be the best part of your date, so it’s good to do everything to make it the best possible. Here are some tips on how to lock lips with your man.


1. Do some prep work
I don’t mean for an exam. This is a different sort of preparation. Always keep some balm for your chapped lips. Sometimes a light amount of gloss is better than lipstick, so as not to leave marks all over him.


2. Announce that you want to be kissed
I don’t mean verbally, ladies, but you can give some physical clues that you’re ready to meet lips. For example, you could lean in and stop, lay your hand on his arm, and/or look up into his eyes. Usually these will give a clear signal.


3. Talk slowly
It may sound strange, but slow down your speech, and let your eyes do the talking.


4. Start soft
 When you two do kiss, massage his lips with yours. You might start with his lower lip and try the top one. Try to encourage him to move in, although some guys enjoy a forward kisser.


5. Press/pull back
A great way to encourage him is to press forward, then pull back. The movements are very subtle, but they could give him just enough then leave him wanting more.


6. Teeth
Be careful! The method can backfire, but using a tiny bit of teeth can be an enjoyable change. Nibble on his lower lip and see how he responds.


7. Tongue
Again, usually best in moderation, but following up your lips with your tongue can give two different, yet equally enjoyable sensations.


8. Head tilt
It’s easy to forget that there’s another side. Some women have to remind themselves that you (or he) can change what direction your head is tilting. Change it up every so often.


9. Other places
Instead of focusing only on his lips, you could try other areas. Don’t let him tell you otherwise, guys like being kissed on the neck too. Try nibbling on his ear lobe or working your tongue along the edge of his ear.


10. Practice
The best way to improve is to practice! Find out what his likes and dislikes are, and you can fine-tune them to perfection.



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